Here you find stories and videos about selected GEOMAR-expeditions. An overview of all expeditions you find here


Today's Galapagos islands at the volcanic Galapagos-Hotspot are only about four four million years old. Traces of older eruptions have been found in cores obtained off the coast of Costa Rica. Image reproduced from the GEBCO world map 2014, www.gebco.net

Highly Explosive Volcanism at Galapagos

International team of volcanologists presents new findings on the eruption history

For a detailed examination of the methane seeps, the scientists used the submersible JAGO. The image shows pilot Jürgen Schauer and Lea Steinle preparing for a dive. Photo: Karen Hissmann, GEOMAR

Ocean Currents Impact Methane consumption

Study in Nature Geoscience on interactions between marine microbiology and oceanography

Research vessel METEOR (Photo: GEOMAR)

Tracking Earthquakes in the Mediterranean

GEOMAR scientists start expedition to tectonic plate boundaries off Sicily

Use of a piston corer aboard R/Vl METEOR to recover the sediment cores off the coast of Peru used in the recently published study. Photo: Dirk Nürnberg, GEOMAR

Does the Release of Iron from Sediments Promote Oxygen Depletion in the Tropical Ocean?

Scientists in Kiel identify additional processes in oxygen minimum zones

Walvis Ridge which extends more than 3,000 kilometres into the South Atlantic is the target of SO233 with the German research vessel SONNE. Image reproduced from the GEBCO world map 2014, www.gebco.net

Expedition into the History of the Earth

GEOMAR Scientists study volcanic mountains in the South Atlantic

3D seismic image of the sea floor off the east coast of New Zealand.  Clearly visible are large deposits of landslides, but also gas leaks and free gas in the sediment. Graphic image: Sebastian Krastel, University of Kiel

In fragile balance

German-New Zealand research team discovers previously unknown methane deposits while studying unstable submarine slopes


From the Seafloor to the Volcano's Top

Exploring the Chilean Subduction Zone