Films about research at GEOMAR

A selection of short films present GEOMAR's most important research topics.

To order a DVD with the GEOMAR Imagevideo in English and German, please send an e-mail to presse(at) The Communication and Media group is also glad to provide TV stations and producers with footage for their reports on GEOMAR.

More videos, in particular short movies from kids for kids that were produced as part of the collaborative research projects (SFB) can be found here.

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BIOACID Science Portraits

BIOACID members report about their work

UV ABYSS on board of RV SONNE, Foto: E. Wetzlaff, GEOMAR

JPI Oceans:

Ecological Aspects of Deep-Sea Mining

RV Poseidon, Stjernsund in Norway © Maike Nicolai, GEOMAR


RV POSEIDON has its 40th birthday


Fisheries Research in Kiel

Kiel biologists, economists and legal experts develop new approaches to an environmentally sound fisheries management


From the Deep-Sea Floor to the Atmosphere

Corporate Video of GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

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