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Your DR representatives at GEOMAR

The DokTeam is the doctoral researcher (DR) representation at GEOMAR and is a traditional part of the Helmholtz Association. The DokTeam at GEOMAR aims to represent the interests of doctoral researchers at our institute for ocean research in Kiel.

Our responsibilities depend on the needs of doctoral researchers that range from political representation and student welfare to DR events, mentoring and communication.

Check out our News section, which is a central place where you can find useful information about the activities of GEOMAR DokTeam and upcoming events, or contact us with any questions or suggestions and find out about future and past DR activities.

Visit us on facebook and keep an eye out for more events and news from your DokTeam in the future!

Felix, Hanna, Rike, Lara, Mareike and Fabian



  • GEOMAR DokTeam 

    GEOMAR Helmholtz Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel
    c/o Lara Jacobi

    Wischhofstr. 1-3
    24148 Kiel


    email: dokteam(at)geomar.de

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