Marco Scotti: Marco has joined GEOMAR in May 2014 and his main interest is on studying the consequences of global warming on food web structure and dynamics. He investigates the effects of temperature on size frequency distribution of different species to understand whether such aspect influences food web dynamics along seasons. He is also involved in a project on neutral theory and he applies individual-based simulations to model the role the intra-species variability on food web dynamics. Personal webpage:

Marta Rocchi: Marta is a graduate student from the joint program of the University of Parma (Department of BioSciences) and the University of Ferrara (Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology), in Italy. She is interested in qualitative modelling of complex ecological systems, food webs, and social networks. From February to April 2015 she has been supported by a DAAD fellowship and during her stay at GEOMAR she has worked on a project entitled ‘Causes and consequences of Mnemiopsis leidyi blooms in the Baltic Sea’.

Emmanuel Lourie: Emmanuel is a Master student enrolled in the International Master in Applied Ecology, Erasmus Mundus Program. He is currently studying ‘applied ecology and conservation’ at the University of East Anglia in Norwich (UK). During his stay at GEOMAR (in August and September 2015) he has investigated which relationships link species abundance to structural importance in food webs. Broadest goal of his project was identifying possible regularities in the network positions occupied by rare species in food webs.