Dr. Jörg Süling


Research Division 3: Marine Ecology

Experimental Ecology

Phone: +49-431 600 4454
E-Mail: jsueling(at)geomar.de

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
Wischhofstr. 1-3
D-24148 Kiel

Personal Information

  • Born in: Hamburg
  • Citizenship: German


  • 1993 Dr. rer. nat., University Bonn (Medical Microbiology and Genetics)
  • 1987 Diploma-thesis at University Hamburg (Biochemistry)
  • 1978-1987 Chemistry at University Hamburg

Institutional duties and responsibilities

  • Since June 2021: Young Talents Support - Doctoral researchers (GEOMAR Promotion of young talent & personnel development / CAU Foster Young Ocean Researcher Development (FYORD))
  • Since Oct. 2020: Data bank mangement (FB3-EOE-B)
  • Since Jan. 2014: Research Division 3 - Marine Ecology - Coordinator and Student advisor M.Sc. Biological Oceanography M. Sc. Biological Oceanography
  • November 2018 to September 2020: Nagoya Protocol Compliance Advisor
  • June 2016 to March 2020: Curator GEOMAR Biobank
  • 2011 - Dec. 2013: Directorate: Science coordination - Junior Scientist Support
  • 2009 to 2020: Authorised person for biological safety (BBS) of all genetic facilities at GEOMAR.
  • Project management CalMarO
  • 2001-2005 Principle investigator DFG Forschergruppe 451 " Impact of Gateways on Ocean Circulation, Climate, and Evolution", subproject "Influence of ocean gateways on the evolution of marine species: A molecular genetic approach"
  • 1993-2011 Research scientist at GEOMAR (Research unit: Marine Microbiology)
  • 1993 to today: Scientist at IfM (Institut für Meereskunde at Kiel University (1993 to 2004), IfM-GEOMAR (2004 to 2012) Research Unit Marine Microbiology and GEOMAR Research Division Marine Ecology (2012 to today).


  • 2019 RV ALKOR 528 (chief scientist): ecological role of gelatinous plankton in the Baltic Sea food webs and alongside the salinity gradient (student training cruise)
  • 2014 RV Alkor 444/2 (chief scientist): micro- and macrobenthos (student training cruise)
  • 2006/7 RV Meteor, 71/2, small and large scale variability of deep sea benthos in the abyssal of the Levantine basin (Eastern Mediterranean, LEVAR)
  • 2005 RV Meteor, 64/1, Diversity of bacterial communities and energy transfer in hot vents and cold seeps of “turtle pits” hydrothermal field at 4°48 S, midatlantik ridge (MAR)
  • 2004 RV Meteor, 60/3, Bacterial diversity and energy transfer in hot vents and cold seeps of the Logatchev hydrothermal field (14°45 N), midatlantik ridge (MAR)
  • 2002 RV Alkor, AL_203, Distribution and activity of bacterial communities in tidal waters of the Elbe estuary
  • 2001 RV Sonne, SO-155, South Shetland Islands / Bransfield Strait, Antarctica, Volcanism, Hydrothermal Processes and Faunal Communities at Shallow Submarine Volcanoes, Bransfield Back-Arc, Antarctica
  • 2000 RV Alkor, AL_156, Changing of Bacterial populations in upper sediment layers connected to blooms in the euphotic zone
  • 1999 RV Meteor, M-44/4, Diversity and Abundances of Bacteria in the Oligotrophic Eastern Mediterranean Sea
  • 1998 RV Heincke, H-114, Sulfur cycle and material transport in oxic and anoxic sediments of the Baltic Sea (Baltic Sea System Study (BASYS))
  • 1998 RV Alkor, AL-89, survey of the bacterial population within the water column and sediment in the Gotland-Basin
  • 1997/8 RV Meteor, M-40/3, Abundance, Activity and Diversity of Bacteria in the Extreme Oligotrophic Eastern Mediterranean
  • 1997 RV Aranda, Bacterial Diversity of Basins in the northern Baltic Sea
  • 1996 RV Suroi, HBS-Test cruise, Toulon - Palinouro Seamount - Urania Basin - Toulon


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