Prof Dr Hermann W Bange

Research Division 2: Marine Biogeochemistry
Research Unit Chemical Oceanography
Working Group Trace Gas Biogeochemistry  

room: 20-115
tel.: 0431 600 4204
fax: 0431 600 4202
e-mail: hbange(at)

GEOMAR |  Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
Düsternbrooker Weg 20
D-24105 Kiel

Research Interests

  • Marine biogeochemistry of nitrogen, carbon and sulphur in the open and coastal oceans with a special interest in upwelling/OMZ regions
  • Measurements of dissolved trace gases (N2O, CH4, DMS, CO)
  • Air-sea exchange and emission estimates of trace gases
  • Biogeochemical Time Series Observations
  • Biogeochemical cycles of the Baltic Sea
  • Measurements of short-lived intermediates of the nitrogen and sulphur cycle: hydroxylamine (NH2OH), hydrazine (N2H4), nitric oxide (NO), DMSP and DMSO


  • Head of research group 'Trace Gas Biogeochemistry'
  • Research grant acquisition (internatl./natl.)
  • Internatl./natl. research project management/coordination
  • Teaching (BSc, MSc)
  • Supervisor for BSc, MSc, and PhD students
  • Chief scientist on research cruises

Coordinator / Co-Chair: