Prof. Dr. Tina Treude

Biological Oceanographer, Biogeochemist
Leader of the Research Group "Marine Geobiology"


GEOMAR research unit Marine Geosystems within the research division Marine Biogeochemistry.
Cluster of Excellence The Future Ocean

Since October 1st 2014 Tina Treude is an Associate Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Her research group in Kiel is still active. Contact persons for immediate local matters are Dr. Stefan Krause and Prof. Klaus Wallmann. Tina Treude can be reached at UCLA via this link.

Research topics and interests

- Biogeochemical processes in marine sediments
- Marine geobiology and geomicrobiology
- Early Earth live and astrobiology

- benthic N, Fe, S, and C cycling in oxygen minimum zones
- methane in marine systems (cold seeps, gas hydrates, anaerobic oxidation of methane, authigenic carbonates)
- microbe-mineral interactions (e.g. carbonate precipitation and dissolution)
- microbial degradation of petroleum in sediments
- microbial alteration of plastics in sediments
- whale falls in the deep sea (chemosynthesis, sulfate reduction, methanogenesis)


General scientific questions

Main subjects of my research are biogeochemical processes in the seafloor, i.e. interactions between the biosphere and the geosphere. I am specifically interested in turnover processes of microbes and the impact of their activity on the geochemistry of their habitat or on even global events. Generally, I try to answer the following ecological core questions:

- Which organisms live in a specific system and what are they doing?
- Why is a system attractive for specific organisms in terms of physical and geochemical characteristics?
- How do the organisms impact the system?
- How could changes in the system affect the activity of the organisms?


My standard methods include, e.g.

(1) quantification of microbial turnover rates (e.g. methanogenesis, methane oxidation, sulfate reduction, nitrogen fixation) with radiotracer incubations and in-vitro experiments
(2) geochemical porewater analyses
(3) high-resolution measurements of geochemical profiles with micro-electrodes
(4) mass spectrometry and gas chromatography
(5) molecular methods (CARD-FISH)
(6) electron microscopy for the visualization of microbe-mineral interactions


Members of my research group:

Dr. Stefan Krause (Postdoc)
Marion Liebetrau (Assitant)
Gabriele Schüßler (Technician)
Dr. Philip Steeb (Postdoc)
Dr. Jessica Gier
Skadi Lange (PhD Student)




Prof. Dr. Tina Treude

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre of Ocean Research Kiel

Wischhofstr. 1-3
D-24148 Kiel

 Please visit Prof. Treude’s UCLA website for current contact information.



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