PD Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Geldmacher

Research Division 4: Dynamics of the Ocean Floor | Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Research Unit: Magmatic and Hydrothermal Systems

Room: 8/D-202
Phone: +49 431 600-2260
Fax: +49 431 600-2924
E-Mail: jgeldmacher(at)

GEOMAR | Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
East shore campus
Wischhofstrasse 1-3
D-24148 Kiel

Education and Career

  • since 2014 Privatdozent, University Kiel
  • 2011 Senior Scientist, GEOMAR, Germany
  • 2008 Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Geology, Texas A&M University, USA
  • 2007 Staff Scientist/Expedition Manager, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, USA          
  • 2007 Habilitation, University Kiel
  • 2002 Research Associate, Leibniz-Inst. for Marine Sciences, IFM-GEOMAR,
  • 2002 Postdoctoral fellow, San Diego State University, USA                     
  • 2000 Dr. rer. nat., University Kiel
  • 1996 PhD student at Geomar Research Center, Kiel, Germany  
  • 1996 Diploma in Geology and Paleontology, University Kiel

Scientific Interests

  • Igneous geochemistry and geochronology (including Sr, Nd, Pb, Hf isotope geochemistry and radiometric age dating)
  • Geochemistry of oceanic volcanic rocks and the composition of the Earth's mantle
  • Evolution of intraplate volcanism (including Large Igneous Provinces) and plate tectonic reconstructions
  • Hydrothermal and low-temperature alteration of oceanic crust

Seagoing Research Experience

  • 2014:  RV Sonne "SO 234/1: SPACES"
  • 2014: RV Sonne "SO 233: Walvis II"
  • 2011: DRV JOIDES Resolution “Exp. 330”
  • 2009: DRV JOIDES Resolution “Exp. 324”                                 
  • 2009:  DRV JOIDES Resolution “Exp. 320T”                                                     
  • 2005: DRV JOIDES Resolution “Exp. 309”                                 
  • 2003: RV Sonne “SO 169: Zealandia“                                         
  • 2001: RV Meteor “50/1-VULKOSA: East Atlantic Volcanism/Alboran Sea“ 
  • 1998: RV Akademik Lavrentyev “KOMEX II: Okhotsk Sea“
  • 1997: RV Poseidon “POS 235: East Atlantic Volcanism/ Alboran Sea“          
  • 1997: RV Poseidon “POS 232: Azores Volcanism“                       
  • 1993: RV Sonne “SO 84: St. Helena Hotspot“

Publications (peer-reviewed)

  • Sager W., Sano T., Geldmacher J. (2016) Formation and evolution of Shatsky Rise oceanic plateau: Insights from IODP Expedition 324 and recent geophysical cruises. Earth Science Reviews 159, 306-336
  • Tejada MLG, Geldmacher J, Hauff F, Heaton D, Koppers A, Garbe-Schönberg D, Hoernle K, Heydolph K, Sager WW. (2016) Geochemistry and Age of Shatsky, Hess, and Ojin Rise seamounts: Implications for a connection between the Shatsky and Hess Rises. Geochemica et Cosmochimica Acta 185, 302-327
  • Li S., Geldmacher J., Hauff F., Garbe-Schönberg D., Yu S., Zhao S., Rausch S. (2014) Composition and timing of carbonate vein precipitation within the igneous basement of the Early Cretaceous Shatsky Rise, NW Pacific. Marine Geology 357, 321-333
  • Geldmacher J., van den Bogaard P., Heydolph K., Hoernle K. (2014) The age of Earth's largest volcano: Tamu Massif on Shatsky Rise (northwest Pacific Ocean). International Journal of Earth Sciences 103(8), 2351-2357
  • Höfig T.W., Geldmacher J., Hoernle K., Hauff F.,  Duggen S., Garbe-Schönberg D. (2014) From the lavas down to the gabbros: 1.25 km of geochemical and Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb isotopic constraints on hydrothermal alteration of upper oceanic crust at ODP/IODP Site 1256, eastern equatorial Pacific. Lithos 210-211, 289-312
  • Heydolph K., Murphy D., Geldmacher J., Romanova I., Greene A., Hoernle K., Mahoney J. (2014) Plume versus plate origin for the Shatsky Rise oceanic plateau (NW Pacific): Insights from Nd, Pb and Hf isotopes. Lithos 200-201, 49-63
  • Lustrino M., Fedele L., Melluso L., Morra V., Ronga F., Geldmacher J., Duggen S., Agostini S., Franciosi L., Meisel T. Origin and evolution of Cenozoic magmatism of Sardinia (Italy) (2013) A combined isotopic (Sr-Nd-Pb-O-Hf-Os) and petrological view. Lithos 180-181, 138-158
  • Gurenko A.A., Geldmacher J, Hoernle K., Sobolev A.V. (2013) A composite, isotopically-depleted peridotite and enriched pyroxenite source of Madeira magmas: Insights from olivine. Lithos 170-171, 224-238
  • Geldmacher J., Höfig T., Hauff F., Hörnle K., Garbe-Schönberg D., Wilson D.S. (2013) Influence of the Galápagos hotspot on the East Pacific Rise during Miocene superfast spreading. Geology 41 (2), 183-186, doi: 10.1130/G33533.1
  • Koppers A.A.P., Yamazaki T., Geldmacher J., Gee J.S., Pressling N., Hoshi H., and the IODP Expedition 330 Scientific Party (2012) Limited latitudinal mantle plume motion for the Louisville hotspot. Nature Geoscience 5, 911-917
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  • Geldmacher J., Hoernle K., Bogaard P.v.d., Hauff F., Klügel A (2008) Age and geochemistry of the Central American forearc basement (DSDP Leg 67 and 84): Insights into Mesozoic arc volcanism and seamount accretion on the fringe of the Caribbean Large Igneous Province. Journal of Petrology 49 (10), 1781-1815
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Popular scientific publication

  • Voß T., Bürkner G., Geldmacher J. (2000) So entstand Schleswig-Holstein: Die Entstehungsgeschichte eines von Gletschern geformten Landes. Geo Print Verlag Elmshorn, ISBN No. 3-9806998-0-3