News Archive 2009

IFM-GEOMAR Director receiving the the cheque from Peter Harry Carstensen, Prime Miister of Schleswig-Holstein. Photo: J. Steffen, IFM-GEOMAR.

Modernisation of the IFM-GEOMAR research fleet

Cold water corals (Lophelia pertusa, is one of the species under pressure due to ocean acidification. Photo taken in the Oslofjord, Norway with the submersible JAGO. Photo: Karen Hissmann, IFM-GEOMAR


The research submersible JAGO and the New Zealand research vessel BRAVEHEART off the coast of Moorea (French-Polynesia). Photo: K. Hissemann, IFM-GEOMAR

The Sea Level’s Up and Down

Satellite picture of a Saharan sand storm above the Cape Verde Islands. Source: NASA

Dust for Breakfast

The mesocosm systems developed in Kiel at the Baltic Sea at Booknis Eck. Photo: U. Riebesell, IFM-GEOMAR

First successful mission with new experimental ocean observatory

Schematic pattern of sea (sub)surface currents for today and 5 Ma in the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) area. The 5 Ma scenario is based on general circulation models. Note that the source of water masses entering the Indian Ocean changed considerably (IFM-GEOMAR).

From Greenhouse to Ice House

Mario Lebrato working in the laboratory at NOCS. Photo: Lebrato

Fast and efficient as soon as they are dead: Pyrosoma atlanticum

Prof. Dr. Ralph Keeling. Photo: K. Machill, IFM-GEOMAR.

Humboldt Research Award for Ralph Keeling

Ph.D. student Bjoern Fiedler while testing the new float in the harbour of Mindelo, Cape Verde. In the background the French research L’ATALANTE. (Photo: IFM-GEOMAR)

Lost and Found

[Translate to English:] Prof. Peter Herzig

Important honorary post for Peter Herzig Herzig