From left to right: Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, Prof. Dr. Peter Herzig, Prime Minister José Maria Neves and Till Keulen. Photo: J. Steffen, GEOMAR

Cape Verde in the Focus of Marine Research

Prime Minister of the Republic of Cape Verde receives Deutsche Bank-GEOMAR-Ocean Award 2012

Pupils from the Cape Verde Islands and from Germany conducting video interviews with Cape Verdian fishermen and customers at the fish market. The insights thus gained into the changing catch in fisheries and dietary habits will be compared with interviews from Germany later on. Photo: S. Soria-Dengg, GEOMAR

From the Baltic to the Tropical Atlantic

Pupils from northern Germany perform marine research in Cape Verde

Map of the nine sampling stations in the Gulf of Sirte. (from Osborne et al., 2008)

Did our ancestors migrate through a green Sahara?

Oceanographers from Kiel retrieve climate archives from the Gulf of Sirte

the research area of the expedition. picture: S. Krastel, GEOMAR

How do Tsunamis off the coast of South Italy develop?

Earth scientists from Kiel examine the continental margins in the Strait of Messina

mesocosms in Espegrend. Lead author Andrea Frommel measuring pH-values. photo: GEOMAR

Ocean acidification threatens fish stocks

Marine Biologists from Kiel demonstrate impact on fish larvae

Prof. Dr. Ulf Riebesell. picture: Mona Botros

Leibniz Prize awarded to Ulf Riebesell

Marine Biologist from Kiel was honoured with Germany’s most highly endowed research award

The Blue Marlin ist one of the fastest fish in the ocean. Photo: Guy Harvey.

Sprinters of the high seas run out of breath

Reduction in oxygen in the tropical Atlantic Ocean limits the habitat of marlins & Co

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