Photo of German research vessel Maria S. Merian in sea ice northwest of Svalbard in August 2007. Photo: N. van Nieuwenhove, IFM-GEOMAR

Atlantic Water Warms the Arctic

Study in "Science“ reveals temperature increase in the Fram Strait as unprecedented in past 2,000 years

The participants of the 12th POGO Meeting.

International Coordination in Marine Sciences

IFM-GEOMAR chairs the POGO Group

The new ROV PHOCA in Kiel. Photo: Maike Nicolai, IFM-GEOMAR

New Remotely Operated Vehicle for IFM-GEOMAR

ROV PHOCA will install complex deep sea observatories

Deep convection in the Pacific. Photo: A. Körtzinger, IFM-GEOMAR.

Oceans and the Ozone Hole

International meeting on ozone depleting substances in Kiel