The Kiel research vessel POSEIDON in front of a  in Svalbard in 2011. In the PERGAMON project, marine researchers and methane specialists carried out joint expeditions to obtain a more universal view of methane releases in the Arctic. Photo: J. Greinert, GEOMAR

Does The Arctic Heat Up Climate Change?

International experts on methane release convene at GEOMAR

Dr. Cindy Lee presents a lecture on "Particles in the Sea: What, Where, When & Why." Photo: GEOMAR

More Female Marine Scientists in Leadership Positions

Successful kick-off event of the GEOMAR Women's Executive Board

RV POLARSTERN in the Amundsen Sea. Photo: F. Hauff, GEOMAR

The Complicated Birth of a Volcano

GEOMAR researchers unravel the origin of Antarctic seamounts

Gale-force winds off Namibia have reduced the number of measurements taken during the initial working days. Photo: R. Abel, GEOMAR

METEOR: Anniversary Expedition off South Africa

German and African marine scientists on the way to the Indian Ocean


BIOACID: Cooperation across disciplines brings important new insights

Research network on ocean acidification BIOACID met in Warnemünde


Methane seeps of the deep sea: A bacteria feast for lithodid crabs

Photos and analyses reveal more about a highly specialized food web

Dr. Victoria "Vicky" Bertics inside the JAGO submersible. Photo: private

Mourning for Victoria "Vicky" Bertics

Former Humboldt Fellow passed away

Representatives of the Chinese State Oceanic Administration (SOA) and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel met at GEOMAR. Photo: J. Steffen, GEOMAR

Joint Exploration of Marine Resources

GEOMAR and Second Institute of Oceanography (Hangzhou, China) sign cooperation agreement

The exhibits inside the Schleswig-Holstein tent provide fascinating insights into modern marine research. Photo: M. Nicolai, GEOMAR

The Ocean is Lapping on Swabia’s Shores

Marine research in Kiel during Day of German Unity in Stuttgart

Representatives of the “G3” of European marine research met in Kiel. Photo: J. Steffen, GEOMAR

G3 of Marine Research meet in Kiel

Ifremer, NOC and GEOMAR coordinate further cooperation