GEOMAR director Peter Herzig (3rd from right) with his excellency Kyung-soo Lee (4th from right), GEOMAR scientists Taewook Par (left) and Wonsun Park (2nd from left) and the Korean delegation in the Technology and Logistics Centre. Photo: J. Steffen, GEOMAR

Fostering German-Korean cooperation in Marine Research

Korean Ambassador visits GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

The path of an active marine into a practical product is widely . The ALLIANCE project therefore combines various actors from basic research to industry. Photo : Leila Ivarsson

An ALLIANCE for Innovative Marine Bioproducts

Interreg-BSR project Baltic Blue Biotechnology ALLIANCE started with Kick-off Meeting at GEOMAR


Submersible JAGO explores submarine volcano at El Hierro

Spanish-German cooperation provides insight into a seismologic hotspot

Geothermal systems on the Reykjanes peninsula (Iceland). These systems are supplied by seawater from the mid-atlantic ridge. They are geologically similar to black smokers in the deep sea. Photo: Mark Hannington, GEOMAR

Gold from Hot Seawater

Marine scientists found extremely high concentrations of precious metal in geothermal systems on Iceland

The path of a plastic bag from the sea surface to the seabed Grafik: GEOMAR.

Seabed as a long-term deposit for plastic

Kiel marine scientists investigate the depletion of plastic bags in the sediment

Samples of Lithothamnion glaciale in the lab. Photo: Federica Ragazzola

Ocean acidification softens important benthic habitat former

Coralline red alga form less robust cells under elevated carbon dioxide levels

Temperature fluctuations of  the past 130,000 years, reconstructed from ice-core data obtained in Greenland. A major goal of the PalMod project is to simulate this epoch with a state-of-the-art model. Illustration: GEOMAR

130,000 years of Earth's history for better climate predictions

German joint project PalMod to decipher the causes of past climate changes started