The Atlantic Equatorial Undercurrent (EUC) at 23°W. EUC transport anomaly (thin line: monthly data and thick line: 270-day low pass filtered; dashed line and shading: ten-year trend August 2008 to July 2018 with 95% confidence interval). Graphic: C. Kersten, GEOMAR.
Long-term observations reveal complex interrelationships
Sea star in seagrass meadow in Kiel Fjord, German Baltic Sea. Photo: Tadhg O Corcora.
How seagrass can help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
Erlenmeyer flask with turbid liquid
Unique long-term experiment shows only few effects of artificial particles on filter feeders
Manganese nodule with a deep-sea sponge. Expedition SO242. Photo: ROV KIEL6000, GEOMAR.
European Consortium monitors first in situ test of a pre-prototype collector vehicle in the Pacific