A Sea otter. Photo: J. Tomoleoni
Limestone-dating at GEOMAR supports complex ecosystem study in Alaska
Asia as a Digital Earth simulation.
Helmholtz project receives award for innovative geo and environmental research
Electron-micrograph of Uvigerina peregrina
GEOMAR study explains role of microbes in marine nutrition circles
Members of the expedition SO277 are working on the working deck of RV SONNE on a CSEM instrumen. Photo: Thore Sager
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Map of the eastern, tropical North Atlantic with the route of the meteor (Fig. 2) from 13 to 15 September 2015 (black line). The sea surface temperatures of 14 September 2015 are shown in colour, the arrows indicate the direction and strength of the wind at that time. The turbulence measurements with the microstructure probe (image 3) are marked by the light blue diamonds and the position of the PIRATA buoy (image 4) is marked by the light blue star.

Short wind turns with strong cooling effect

Why the ocean in the tropics is often colder than expected

On the basis of investigations directly on the seafloor it was possible to determine the amount of escaping gas. Photo: ROV team/GEOMAR

New study confirms extensive gas leaks in the North Sea

Stricter guidelines for handling of abandoned wells recommended

Waves in the North Atlantic. Photo: Arne Körtzinger/GEOMAR

Climate predictions several years into the future?

A study from Kiel reveals potential and mechanisms

Hot vent on the sea floor. Photo: ROV team/GEOMAR

ROV KIEL 6000 discovers ‘clear smokers’ off Iceland

IceAGE3 expedition delivers fascinating images of the seafloor off Iceland

A cod. Photo: Nikolas Linke/GEOMAR

Populations of popular food fish are declining globally

New studies also show opportunities for fisheries management through Corona

Screenshot Helmholtz Climate Initiative

Helmholtz Climate Initiative starts new website

Articles, background knowledge, fact sheets, and much more on the current state of climate research

Bladder wrack. Photo: Larissa Büdenbender

Marine alga from the Kiel Fjord discovered as a remedy against infections and skin cancer

GEOMAR research group successfully applies bioinformatics methods and machine learning in marine drug discovery

Schematic Diagram of the FOCI Model System. Graphics: C. Kersten, GEOMAR.

New opportunities for ocean and climate modelling

GEOMAR introduces flexible and modular system FOCI

By means of hydroacoustic seafloor mapping Senckenberg and GEOMAR researchers have found out that the seafloor in the Atlantic Ocean is much more diverse than previously assumed. Photo: Senckenberg

"Hard Rock" in the deep sea

The road to deciphering biodiversity on the seabed is stonier than previously assumed

A man and a woman in working clothes stand on the deck of the research vessel ALKOR at dusk. Photo: Jan Dierking/GEOMAR

Towards Gender Equality in Marine Sciences

The Baltic Gender project presents new means and tested approaches