Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics

Atmospheric Dynamics and Predictability


Weather and climate forecasts at sub-seasonal (weekly to monthly) to seasonal timescales add significant value to decision-making in our society. However, large uncertainties remain in predictions at timescales between several weeks and months, while this information is already being used by industry and government stakeholders. The goal of our research is to identify and clarify the fundamental mechanisms in the connection between tropical, such as e.g. El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO), and extratropical phenomena, such as e.g. the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). Additional predictability can be gained from the coupling between the stratosphere and the troposphere. We employ a hierarchy of models and statistical methods to improve the understanding of the phenomena acting on sub-seasonal to seasonal timescales.

Research Topics

  • climate variability on sub-seasonal to seasonal timescales
  • sub-seasonal to seasonal climate and weather predictability
  • ENSO teleconnections
  • stratosphere - troposphere coupling / stratospheric dynamics
  • climate services / weather & climate prediction for industry stakeholders


  • Blue-Action: Arctic Impact on Weather and Climate



Prof. Dr. Daniela Domeisen



M.Sc. Bernat Jiménez Esteve  (PhD student)
Tel.: +49 431 600 4066