Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics


Agulhas Nest at 1/10°

Global Bathymetry (based on BlueMarble by the NASA Visible Earth Project). Boundaries of the AGRIF nest are shown as yellow frame.

The focus of AG01 is on the ocean circulation around and near the southern tip of South Africa, especially the Agulhas system and its sources and extensions. To resolve mesoscale processes in this region adequately, a 1/10° AGRIF nest is embedded in a global ocean model at 1/2° (ORCA05). The successor configuration, which covers a larger region, is INALT01.

Person in charge: Arne Biastoch


  • NEMO ocean
  • LIM2 sea ice (elastic-viscous rheology)
  • Tripolar ORCA grid
  • Total Grid Points: 37 Mill
  • Grid Points: 909 x 474 x 46
  • Typical Grid Point Distance: ~9 km
  • Time Step: 540s


The series of simulations with this configuration were completed in 2011. 

  • Climatological control run
  • Hindcast reference experiment (1958-2004)
  • Several sensitivity experiments, e.g. with wind changes


Simulations and numerical experiments with this configuration are mostly done using high performance computing facilities at HLRS.


Data is available only internally. For data requests from outside GEOMAR, please contact the Model and Data Management (see right column).


  • DFG Agulhas


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