Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics

Ocean models

To provide and maintain a basis for its program of numerical simulation and experimentation, TM aims at developing and maintaining a flexible and efficient system of regional to global ocean models for multi-decadal eddy-resolving simulations, with particular emphasis on including the effects of mesoscale ocean processes in critical regions such as the subpolar North Atlantic, the tropical Atlantic and Pacific, and key oceanic gateways such as the Agulhas Leakage regime. 

(i) Hierarchy of global ocean/sea-ice models, based on the ‘Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean’ (NEMO) www.nemo-ocean.eu in collaboration within the DRAKKAR project www.drakkar-ocean.eu

(ii) Host of global ocean models with regional grid refinement based on AGRIF.

(iii) Process-oriented models.