Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics

Heinrich Events

Figure 1. Iceberg, ice-rafted detritus (IRD) from a sediment core, the IRD belt in the north Atlantic, and the location of core MD95-2040.
Figure 2. Heinrich layers H1 to H6 in core MD95-2040 from the northern Portuguese Margin (after de Abreu et al., 2003).

Heinrich Events are intermittent periods of iceberg surges and meltweater flow mainly from the Laurentide ice sheet that occurred during glacial times. Iceberg drift and meltwater influx was largest in a belt between 40° and 50°N (Bond et al., 1992; Bond and Lotti, 1995). Enhanced meltwater flux caused a significant decrease in sea surface temperatures and salinities, and it destabilized or even stopped thermohaline circulation in the glacial North Atlantic (Zahn et al., 1997). Heinrich Events are characterized by massive, short-term occurrences of the polar planktonic foraminifer Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (sinistral) and coarse lithic grains of North American origin (Baas et al., 1997, de Abreu et al., 2003). These levels are denominated as Heinrich layers may be used to establish a chronostratigraphic framework for sediment cores (Lebreiro et al., 1996; Schönfeld and Zahn, 2000). 



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