Subproject B1 Reservoir Modelling

In the frame of sub-project B1 a 3-D numerical model for describing the process of winning methane from hydrates with simultaneous CO2 sequestration is to be developed. Various extraction techniques and types of deposits in sediments will be regarded and their efficiency will be verified. Validated mathematical simulation models enable the up-scaling of data obtained from laboratory experiments as well as from literature.

By means of the simulator STARS from Computer Modelling Group Ltd. (Canada), which is a common tool in the oil and gas industry, a finite area around the drill head will be modelled and the occurring heat and mass transfer will be simulated. Based on these results scientifically resilient information about the functionality, the operability and the economics of the extraction techniques will be provided. The research focuses on the mammoth-pump-principle and the in-situ combustion of methane.

In addition, technical parameters for an industrial demonstrator will be defined in order to prove the technical feasibility of the regarded techniques.


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