Marine Ecology

ProBone sampling trip


The aim of the sampling trip was to retrieve previously deployed bone material from a depth of approximately 70 m, to study the marine organisms able to utilize this recalcitrant, but rich material. The turkey wing and swine leg bones have been deployed at different time points beginning in March 2018, in a fashion that successional bone degradation would be observable at the time of collection. The samples taken will be further processed at GEOMAR to study the associated microbial communities and its potential to degrade the bone material.


ERA-NET ProBone – New tools for prospecting the marine bone-degrading microbiome for new enzymes.

March 2018 to February 2021


Bergen fjord (60°N, 5°E)


Bergen, Norway




Dr Antonio Garcia-Moyano, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway

Dr Thomas Dahlgren, Uni Research Bergen, Bergen, Norway