Marine Ecology

Contributions to the mid-term research foci

Ecological genetics: from genes to ecological performance

  • the role of seagrass genetic diversity in resistance to and recovery from environmental stress disturbance 

Global Change research: marine ecosystems in a changing climate

  • coordination of the DFG-priority program 1162 "AQUASHIFT" (the impact of climate change on aquatic ecosystems)
  • impact of climate change on plankton succession and trophic interactions in pelagic food webs
  • impact of climate change on seagrass ecosystems

Feeding ecology: feeding in the sea - food from the sea

  • feeding selectivity of micro- and mesozooplankton
  • trophic level of micro- and mesozooplankton in response to environmental conditions
  • ecological role of gelatinous zooplankton
  • structure of pelagic food webs in response to nutrient induced changes in the phytoplankton
  • the role of size structure for productivity and energy transmission

Biodiversity research: marine biodiversity- patterns, causes, consequences

  • role of competition, disturbance and herbivory for coexistence and exclusion of species
  • role of genetic and species diversity of seagrass meadows for stress resistance and recovery of ecosystem functions


Head of the Research Unit:

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Z. Worden
GEOMAR | Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
Düsternbrooker Weg 20 
D-24105 Kiel 
email: azworden(at)

Assistant / Office:
Imke Jungjohann
Telefon: 0431 600-4401
E-Mail: ijungjohann(at)



Peer-reviewed publications of the research unit Experimental Ecology - Marine Food Webs (since 2004)