Marine Ecology

OEB Research

Our unique contributions span six interdisciplinary research themes – with studies ranging from functional genomics to protein evolution, photosynthesis and light sensing, organismal interactions, oceanographic processes and food web modelling – in organisms ranging from phage to fish!

Deeper information about the respective research topics will be provided soon.

Algal Ecology & Evolution

Cell biology is key to how organisms respond to change - we work from the level of proteins to global physiology - under climate relevant perturbations. Photo: T Walsh.

Pelagic Interactions & Food Webs

Sun energy is harvested deep into the ocean – fueling food webs which involve microbe-microbe interactions, to fisheries food chains & beyond. Photo AZ Worden.


We discover viruses using methods from single-cell sorting to cultivation and elucidate molecular mechanisms that underpin host-virus dynamics. 

The Dark Ocean Biosphere

By analyzing proteomes, diversity and chemistry alongside stable isotope experiments we are revealing dark ocean processes. Photo: GEOMAR JAGO Team.

Modelling Ecosystem Interactions

Modelling helps us understand and predict shifts in complex interactions across all food web scales. Image from F Azam Science 1998 (Vol. 280:694-696).


Tropical Biodiversity & Microbiomes

We study tropical systems using methods ranging from marker gene diversity analyses & ‘omics to coral feeding and physiology experiments. Photo: M Masdeu Navarro.