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Bladder wrack. Photo: Larissa Büdenbender

Marine alga from the Kiel Fjord discovered as a remedy against infections and skin cancer

GEOMAR research group successfully applies bioinformatics methods and machine learning in marine drug discovery

Transmission electron microscope image of an unknown bacterium that lives exclusively in marine sponges. Sponge symbionts cannot yet be cultivated and can only be given a provisional name according to the current codex. Photo: Dr. Martin Jahn (GEOMAR)

Call for a new order in Microbiology

International consortium of scientists proposes new naming system for uncultivated bacteria and archaea

Schematic diagram to Ocean & Human Health. From Franke et. al., 2020.

What's good for the oceans is good for humans

Healthy oceans - important basis for many processes on Earth

Sampling of the fjord surface water with the research vessel POLARFUCHS. Photo: Jens Klimmeck/GEOMAR

Rainwater flushes microplastics into the Kiel Fjord

First long-term study on microplastic distribution in surface water published

Seagrass meadow in the Baltic Sea. This is not a population, but a clone. Photo Pekka Tuuri Using sea gr

Clones - everything but identical

New study shows why asexual populations of plants or animals can thrive in nature