Marine Ecology

RD3- / RU-Seminars

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19.12.2019 / 13:15

Dr. Panos G. Kalatzis (Marine Biological Station, University of Copenhagen)

Going viral against marine bacteria: Bacteriophages against marine vibrios. 


12.12.2019 / 13:15

Dr. Katja Heubel (FTZ Westküste, Büsum)

Context-dependent reproductive decisions along an ecological gradient


28.11.2019 / 13:15

Svenja Christiansen (University of Oslo)



24.10.2019 / 13:15

Dr. Tyler J. Carrier (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)



19.09.2019 / 13:15

Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Rothenbeck (GEOMAR FB4)
(host: F. Weinberger)

AUVs for shallow water applications


29.08.2019 / 13:15

Dr. Yvonne SawallBermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (host: M. Wahl)

Drivers of coral and coral reef metabolism


20.08.2019 / 15:00

Dr. Stefan Siebert, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of California, Davis, CA, USA (host: Frank Melzner)

Whole animal single-cell RNAseq reveals stem cell differentiation trajectories in Hydra


27.06.2019 / 13:15

Prof. Marjolijn Christiansen, Wageningen University, Netherlands (host: Marlene Wall)

Global change and seagrass ecosystem services


06.06.2019 / 13:15

Dr. Matthias Labrenz, Institut für Ostseeforschung Warnemünde (host: Erik Borchert)

Microplastics: Transport vehicles for POP, microorganisms and pathogens?


09.05.2019 / 13:15

Dr. Jörg Süling, GEOMAR FB3

The Nagoya Protocol: revisited - questions and answers


18.04.2019 / 13:15

Manuel Dureuil, Dalhousie University, Halifax/Canada (host: Rainer Froese)

Conservation status of sharks and rays in the North Atlantic


28.3.2019 / 13:15

Prof. Jens Greinert, GEOMAR FB2 (host: Frank Melzner)

Munition Dump Sites in Kiel Bay: Inventory, threats and ecological niche? - The UDEMM Project and its 'final' results.


21.03.2019 / 13:15

Dr. Robert Ellis, University of Exeter/U.K. (host: Frank Melzner)



28.02.2019 / 13:15

Dr. Thomas Wichard, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (host: Florian Weinberger)

Macroalgal-bacterial interactions: Insights into the chemical ecology and developmental biology of the sea lettuce Ulva (Chlorophyta)


17.01.2019 / 13:15

Dr. Furu Mienis, NIOZ, Texel/Neitherlands  (host: Beate Slaby)

Oases in the deep-sea: Why do they grow where they grow


10.01.2019  / 13:15

Dr. Kristina Boerder, Dalhousie University, Halifax/Canada (host: Rainer Froese) 

Tracking global fisheries from space: patterns, problems, and protected areas


20.12.2018 / 13:15

Dr. Luisa Galgani, University of Siena/Italy (host: Mark Lenz)

Microplastics in marine surface waters: recent findings of the H2020 POSEIDOMM project


13.12.2018 / 13:15

Dr. Jonathan Havenhand, University of Gothenburgh, Tjärnö/Sweden (host: Giannina Hattich)

Testing the ecological impacts of climate change – have we got the wrong end of the stick?


20.11.2018 /  10.15 AM (!!)

Prof. Stacy Krueger-Hadfield, University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA (host: Florian Weinberger)

 Investigating the life cycle dynamics of the invasive seaweed Gracilaria vermiculophylla


08.11.2018 / 13:15

Dr. Christian Jogler, Department of Microbiology, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands (host: Deniz Tasdemir)

Planctomycetes: neglected major players in marine habitats


11.10.2018 / 13:15

Dr. Jonathan Todd, University of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K.  (host: Mahasweta Saha)

Marine Microbial DMSP Synthesis - from genes to microbes to pathways


04.10.2018 / 13:15 

Dr. Nathalie Loick-Wilde, Institut für Ostseeforschung, Warnemünde (IOW) (host: Frank Melzner)

The planktonic food web structure in future oceans


02.10.2018 / 10:15 (!)

Dr. Francisco Arenas, CIIMAR, Porto, Portugal

Living on the edge: the consequences of ocean climate change in the coastal assemblages of Portugal


13.09.2013 / 13:15 

Prof. Torsten Thomas, University of New South Wales, Sydney/Australia (host: Ute Hentschel-Humeida)

Functional diversity and interactions in the sponge holobiont


06.09.2018 / 13:15

Dr. Suhelen Egan, University of New South Wales, Sydney/Australia (host: Ute Hentschel-Humeida)

Diversity and function of the seaweed microbiome


30.08.2018 / 13:15

Dr. Scarlett Sett (Scientific Coordinator at the Excellence Cluster Future Ocean, Kiel

The Nagoya protocol - practical implications for non-commercial research


05.07.2018 / 13:00

Prof Iliana Baums, Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A. (host:Thorsten Reusch)

Somatic mutations, epigenetic divergence and a shift towards asexual reproduction in ancient coral genets


22.05.2018 / 11:00

Dr. Jack Silverman, Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Institute (IOLR), Haifa (host: )

The fate of coral reefs in the 21st century - a geochemical perspective


03.05.2018 /

Dr. Tania Aires,
Centro de Ciências do Mar|CCMAR, Faro/Portugal
(host: F. Weinberger)



19.04.2018 / 13:15

Prof. Vera Meyer, TU Berlin (host: D. Tasdemir)

The path to success in cell factory engineering: Aspergillus niger as a paradicmatic example


12.04.2018 / 13:15

Prof. Hinrich Schulenburg, CAU Kiel (host: D. Tasdemir)

How to exploit evolutionary trade-offs to combat antibiotic resistance


22.03.2018 /

Michael Raatz, Ph.D.
Universität Potsdam
(host: C. Pansch)

How to cope with nutritional (co-)limitation in variable environments - the temporal scale of diet variability matters


16.03.2018 /

Prof. Benjamin Vallejo Jr. University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City
(host: R. Froese)

10 year research on biological invasion in Manila Bay.


01.02.2018 / 13:15

Dr. Wolfgang Streit, University Hamburg
(host: D. Tasdemir)

Deep-mining in Marine and Terrestrial Metagenomes



25.01.2018 / 13:15

Dr. Melody S. Clarke, British Antarctic Survey
(host: F. Melzner)

Cool genomics


18.01.2018 / 13:15

Thomas Greiber, Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (host: J. Süling)

Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in Germany


23.11.2017 / 13:15

Dr. Andy Booth, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Trondheim/Norway (host: J. Javid)

PLASTOX: a big assessment of small particles?


19.10.2017 / 13:15

Dr. Maria Garcia-Altares Pérez, Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology, Jena (host: L. Pita Galan)

Natural products from the microbial world: monitoring by mass spectrometry


21.09.2017 / 13:15

Prof. Dr. Catriona Hurd, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), University of Tasmania, Hobart/Australia (host: M. Wahl)

Predicting the responses of seaweeds to ocean acidification: a physiological perspective


14.09.2017 / 13:15

Dr. Mahasweta Saha, School of Biological Sciences, University of Essex (host F. Weinberger)

Seaweeds, their second skin and their volatilome


07.09.2017 / 13:15

Dr. Daniel R. Mende, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, USA (host U. Hentschel Humeida)

Large scale metagenomics reveals a genomic transition zone and intricate diversity patterns in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre


24.08.17 / 10:00

Jahangir Vajedsamiei (EÖB)

Growth response of mussels to thermal fluctuations


27.7.17 / 13:15

Dr. Alexandra Z. Worden, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Moss Landing/U.S.A. (host U. Hentschel Humeida)

Connecting molecular microbial oceanography with GEOMAR science?


20.07.2017 / 10:00

Claudia Bommarito (EÖB)

Facing climate change: will trematodes enjoy saltier and warmer home?


13.07.2017 / 10:00

Guido Bonthond (EÖB)

Disease, adaptation and ecosystem invasion of the Rhodophyte Gracialaria vermyculophylla from a holobiont perspective


06.07.2017 / 13:15

Prof. Dr. Joachim Gröger, von-Thünen-Institut, Hamburg (host: A. Bockelmann)

UFO - underwater fish observatory


06.07.2017 / 10:00

Maysa Ito (EÖB)

Grazing activity under temperature gradient: what is the experiment telling us?


29.06.2017 / 10:30

Alex Quijada-Rodriguez, University of Manitoba (host: Frank Melzner, EÖB)

The threat of freshwater acidification to juvenile crustaceans


29.06.2017 / 10:00

Trystan Sanders (EÖB)

Calcification costs and osmotic stress in Mytilus edulis


22.06.2017 / 10:00

Kirti Ramesh (EÖB)

Response of extracellular pH in the calcification space of Mytilus larvae to elevated CO2


22.06.2017 / 13:15

Prof. Dr. Martin Zimmer, ZMT Bremen / Dr. F. Weinberger

Mangroves: what do we (need to) know to ensure conservation and sustainable management?


15.06.2017 /13:15

Prof. Elena Litchman, Michigan State University (host: B. Matthiessen)

Community ecology and evolution of phytoplankton and other microbes.


15.06.2017 /12:00

Prof. Wei Zhang, Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development, Flinders University, Adelaide/Australia

Marine Biotechnology and Bioproducts: Ocean of Opportunities for Australia and International Partnership


15.06.2017 / 10:00

Johanna Krüger (EÖB)

PhD report: Learning with simulations


08.06.17 / 10:00

Florian Weinberger (EÖB)

Perception of beach cast by beach users


08.06.2017 /

Prof. Dr. Helge B. Bode, FB Biowissenschaften & Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (BMLS) Goethe Universität Frankfurt / Prof. Dr. U. Hentschel Humeida (MI)

Small talk in nematode holobionts - from microbial ecology to synthetic biology


06.06.2017 / 11:00

Prof. James T. Carlton, Williams College, Mystic/Connecticut, U.S.A. (host: T. Guy-Haim)

Tsunami-Driven Megarafting:  A Massive Transoceanic Species Dispersal Event and Implications for Marine Biogeography and Conservation Biology


01.06.2017 / 10:00

Thea Hamm (EÖB)

PhD report


01.06.2017 / 10:30

Miriam Beck (EÖB)

"Grazing under climate change: a mesocosm experiment"


01.06.2017 / 13:15

Dr. Anna Roik, Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel (host: Prof. U. Hentschel - Humeida)



27.04.2017 / 13:15

Prof. Dr. Orazio Taglialatela Scafati

Pharmaceutical Biology

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – COINOR / Prof. Dr. D. Tasdemir (MN)

Plakortis polyketides: a treasure trove of structural diversity and biological activity


20.04.17 / 13:00

Dr. Elliot Scanes

University of Sydney

/ F. Melzner (EÖB)

Intertidal oysters reach their physiological limit in a future high-CO2 world


30.03.2017 / 14:30

Dr. Cristina Dorador Associated Professor Biotechnology University of Antofagasta, Chile / Prof. Dr. U. Hentschel Humeida

Microbial rare biosphere in polyextreme environments


30.03.2017 / 13:15

Maren Ziegler, KAUST / Prof. Dr. U. Hentschel Humeida

Bacterial community dynamics are linked to patterns of coral heat tolerance


30.03.2017 / 13:15

Claudia Pogoreutz, KAUST / Prof. Dr. U. Hentschel Humeida

Highly selected coral holobionts: implications for acclimatization and adaptation


23.03.2017/ 10:00

Frank Melzner / EÖB

Ammonia tolerance in copepods, CO2 in shrimp aquaculture, guests & plans 2017


16.03.2017 / 10:00

Martin Wahl /EÖB

Responses of a macrophyte community to OA, OW and OAW


02.03.2017 / 10:00

Tamar Guy-Haim / EÖB

"Jonah and the whale" - Ichthyochory as a novel marine bioinvasion and long-distance dispersal vector


21.02.2017 / 14:00

Christiane Schmidt / Prof. Martin Wahl EÖB

Thermal adaptation of symbiont-bearing foraminifera from extremely warm environments


02.02.2017 / 13:15

Prof. Dr. Jamie Dick

t.b.a. - ecology / invasion biology


26.01.2017 / 10:20

Dr. Christian Pansch

Lab-based all year round anti-fouling bioassay to screen for pre- and post-settlement biocide activity against barnacles


26.01.2017 / 10:00

Dennis Petersen, Functional Morphology and Biomechanics, Zoological Institute, Kiel University

The Importance of Surface Property and Structure for the Adhesion in Barnacles


18.01.2017 / 15:00

Prof. Rolf Müller, Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS) / Prof. D. Tasdemir (MN)

Innovative antibiotics from microorganisms: Some case studies.


08.12.2016 / 13:15

Dr. Rafal Bernas, Instytut Rybactwa Śródlądowego w Olsztynie, Poland / Dr. C. Petereit (EV)

Genetic aspects of stocking – some examples from southern Baltic area


01.12.2016 / 10:00

Mahasweta Saha

Warmer does not mean weaker: Impact of heatwaves on antibacterial defense of the temperate brown seaweed Fucus vesiculosus and the seagrass Zostera marina


01.12.2016 / 13:15

Dr. Timo Arula, University of Tartu, Estonia / Dr. C. Clemmesen (EV)

Over an half century of herring larvae surveys in the NE Baltic Sea - what we have learned


24.11.2016 / 10:00

Alix Harvey, MBA, Plymouth, UK

From skates to squid axons - 125 years of research in the aquarium of the Marine Biological Association


17.11.2016 / 13:15

Prof. Frank Oliver Glöckner, MPI Bremen/ Prof. U. Hentschel (MI)

Ocean Sampling Day(s): Monitoring the Anthropogenic Impact on Microbial Communities in Coastal Marine Ecosystems


03.11.2016 / 13:15

Dr. Jasper de Goeij, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  / Prof. Dr. U. Hentschel - Humeida (MI)

Sponges bring life to shallow and deep coral reefs: From cells to ecosystems


20.10.2016/ 12:00

Dr. Jonne Kotta, Univ. of Tartu, Estonia/ Dr. Jörn Thomsen, Dr. Frank Melzner (EÖB)

Some novel ways to model the patterns of distribution and functioning of benthic communities under current and future climate



12  October, 2016 / 13:00

João Canning-Clode

Dr. Elizabetha Briski EÖN

Biological invasions in the sea: lessons from offshore islands and on climate change


22.09.2016 / 13:15

Francesco Paolo Mancuso (EÖB)

Effects of local and global stressors on the status and future persistence of intertidal canopy-forming algae


15.09.2016 / 10:00

Prof. Martin Wahl

Discussion on improvement and re-submission of the DIP proposal "Climate change pressure on marine ecosystems: from evolutionary resilience to ecological tipping points"


01.09.2016 / 13:15

Prof. Dr. Nadine A. Strydom, Port Elizabeth, South Africa/ Dr. C. Clemmesen (EV)

The costs of bias in science? Case studies from South African estuarine fish ecology


18.08.2016 / 10:00

Dr. Ali Nasrolahi (EÖB)

Warming increases hard-shelled biofouling performance


28.07.2016 / 10:00

Joshua Kiesel (EÖB)

Comparing total and diffusive oxygen uptake rates of shelf and deep sea sediments from the Arctic Ocean


21.07.2016 / 13:15

Prof. Brent R. Copp, Univ. of Auckland / Prof. D. Tasdemir (MN)

Marine chemical ecology of New Zealand shallow water organisms


21.07.2016 / 10:00

Christian Pansch (EÖB)

A new mesocosms system to simulate temperature, salinity and pH fluctuations - from single species- to community experiments


14.07.2016 / 14:00

Sottorff, Ignacio (MI)



07.07.2016 / 13:00

Bayer, Kristina (MI)

Microbial abundances and metabolic functions of sponge microbiomes


04.07.2016 / 11:30

Berghoff, Luisa (EV)

Seasonal condition and growth performance of Eastern Baltic cod larvae based on RNA/DNA ratios


30.06.2016 / 10:00

Thea Hamm (EÖB)

Master thesis defence: Tolerance of tropical sea anemones to heat stress


30.06.2016 / 13:15

Prof. Thorsten Burmester, University of Hamburg / Dr. F. Melzner (EÖB)

When the brain goes diving: A metabolic and genomic perspective of hypoxia tolerance of the seal brain


30.06.2016 / 14:00

Martin Jahn (MI)



16.06.2016 / 10:30

Mahasweta Saha (EÖB)

Test Talk for ICMCF


16.06.2016 / 10:00

Prof. Martin Wahl (EÖB)

Ecological modulation of stress: the percolation of complex global change through a macrophyte community(test talk for ITRS)


16.06.2016 / 13:15

Dr. Colin Ingham, MicroDish BV, Utrecht / Prof. D. Tasdemir (MN)

Microcultivation chips for microbiology - can we build a better Petri dish...?


15.06.2016 / 13:15

Dr. Jeanette H. Andersen, University of Tromso / Prof. D. Tasdemir (MN)

Bioactive compounds from Arctic waters


13.06.2016 / 12:00

Dr. Susanne Wilken, MBARI, USA / Prof. U. Hentschel-Humeida (MI)

Mixotrophic protists in aquatic ecosystems - both primary producers and consumers


09.06.2016 / 13:15

Dr. Bruce Robison, MBARI, USA / Dr. H. Hoving (EV)

Advances in Deep Pelagic Biology Abstract


09.06.2016 / 10:00

Prof. Martin Wahl (EÖB)

Fouling in times of global change - DRAFT!


02.06.2016 / 13:15

Dr. Tobias Kaiser (Vienna) / Prof. T. Reusch (EV)

From genome to function: Timing adaptations in the intertidal insect Clunio marinus


02.06.2016 / 13:00

Yu-Chen Wu (MI)

Ecological interactions between the spongivorous Tylodina perversa and the sponge Aplysina aerophoba - Part II


02.06.2016 / 10:00

Mahasweta Saha (EÖB)

Test Talk for Royal Society (Seaweed Bacteria Interactions)

& 10:30 Smell of Seaweeds


26.05.2016 / 13:15

Dr. Agnes Mittermayr / Dr. B. Matthiessen (EÖ-N)

t.b.a., stable isotopes and food webs


26.05.2016 / 14:00

Giampiero Batani –

Visiting PhD-student / (MI)

Localisation and culturing of microbial symbionts in marine sponges


19.05.2016/ 10:00

Sophie Steinhagen (EÖB)

PhD report & insights into new Project


12.05.2016 /


Clarissa Karthäuser (MI)

Biodiversity of sulfate-reducing and sulfur-oxidizing bacteria based on functional gene studies


21.03.2016 / 14:00

Dr. Vera Thiel / Prof. J.F. Imhoff (MI)

50 years of study of Yellowstone‘s Mushroom Spring microbial mat: An onoing journey of discoveries


21.03.2016 / 11:00

Dr. Alex Worden, MBARI / : Prof. T. Reusch (EV)

Ecology and evolution of marine phytoplankton


17.03.2016 / 13:15

Dr. Florian Altermatt / Dr. B. Matthiessen (EÖ-N)

t.b.a., spatial ecology


10.03.2016 / 13:15

Dr. Mridul Thomas / Prof. T. Reusch (EV)

Phytoplankton traits across space and time - Linking environmental variation with community patterns


03.03.2016 / 13:15

Dr. Miguel Frada / Prof. T. Dagan

Phenotypic plasticity underlies escape from viruses in a marine phytoplankton


11.02.2016 / 13:15

Prof. Dr. Bernd Blasius / Dr. J. Javidpour (EÖ-N)

The risk of marine bioinvasion by global shipping


11.02.2016 / 14:00

Ignacio Sottorf (V: MI)

Easter island bacteria as a new source of antibiotics


28.01.2016 / 13:15

Prof. Justin Ries / M. Wall (EÖ-B)

Impacts of ocean acidification on marine calcification: past, present and future


19.01.2016 / 14:00

Prof. Rohan Davis / Prof. D. Tasdemir (MN)

Chemical and biological adventures with indole alkaloids from Australian marine invertebrates 


16.12.2015 / 16:15

Dr. Georg Steinert / Prof. U. Hentschel (MI)

Analysing environmental patterns in sponge-associated microbial communities using high-throughput 16S rRNA gene sequencing 


03.12.2015 / 14:15

PhD Laura Rix / Prof. U. Hentschel (MI)

Carbon and nitrogen cycling by Red Sea coral reef sponges 


26.11.2015 / 14:15

Katherine Duncan PhD / Prof. U. Hentschel (MI)

Marine microbial metabolomics – addressing big picture questions in the comparative –omics era


16.11.2015 / 13:15

 Prof. Dr. Heike K. Lotze / EV

New targets: Past & current trends, drivers and ecosystem consequences of invertebrate fisheries


12.11.2015 / 13:15

Beate Slaby PhD / MI

Cyanobacterial Symbionts in Marine Sponges 


05.11.2015 / 13:15

Dr. Usama Ramadan Abdelmohsen / Prof. U. Hentschel (MI)

Natural products repertoire of marine sponge-associated actinomycetes


05.11.2015 / 14:15

Cheng Cheng / (MI)

Biodiversity, anti-trypanosomal activity screening, and metabolomic profiling of actinomycetes isolated from Mediterranean sponges


07.10.2015 / 14:00

Dr. Rodrigo Costa / (MI)

The microbiome of keratose marine sponges: spatiotemporal dynamics and functional attributes


01.07.2015 / 13:00

Dr. Fernando Reyes / Prof. D. Tasdemir (MN)

Marine actinomycetes as source of new antimicrobial molecules 


07.05.2015 / 13:15

Dr. Alex Crawford / (MN)

In vivo bioassays based on model organisms to identify biomedically relevant marine metabolites 


23.04.2015 / 12:45

Dr. Russel Kerr / Prof. D. Tasdemir (MN)

Opportunities and Challenges in Marine Natural Product Discovery 





EV: Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Fishes

EÖ-N: Experimental Ecology: Food Webs

EÖ-B: Experimental Ecology: Benthic Ecology

MI: Marine Microbiology

MN: Marine Natural Products Chemistry



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