Dynamics of the Ocean Floor

Software tools and educational donation programmes


Schlumberger Omega Geophysical Processing Platform


CWP Seismic Unix (SU)




CGG Hampson-Russell Software & Services


SIMULIA Abaqus Unified FEA


Ifremer Caraibes cartography Adapted to Imagery and Bathymetry of Sonars and multibeam echosounders


MB-System Seafloor Mapping Software: Processing and Display of Swath Sonar Data


opendTect Free Open Source Seismic Interpretation Platform


Schlumberger Petrel E&P Software Platform


GMT Generic Mapping Tool


HYPACK Hydrographic Survey Software


QPS Fledermaus interactive 4D geo-spatial processing and analysis tool



Marine source modeling and seismic modeling software Nucleus +

Global Mapper spatial data management

Schlumberger Techlog Wellbore Software Platform

Hydrographic Data Processing System

VISTA Desktop Seismic Data Processing Software


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