Dynamics of the Ocean Floor

MuHS Seminar Series

MuHS Seminars are being held in the 8A seminar room (Room 8A/208, old SFB seminar room) on Thursday mornings. The talks start at 11:00 am with either one full presentation of (max.) 30 minutes or two short presentations of 15-20 minutes each followed by an open discussion. Changes to time and/or place will be announced by email.



  • Thursday, 8th February 2018, 11:00 am:
    Meg Stewart (University of Ottawa): The volcanic history, tectonic evolution, and metallogenesis of a Paleoproterozoic arc: the Chisel sequence, Snow Lake, Canada.
  • Thursday, 15th February 2018: no seminar
  • Thursday, 22nd February 2018, 11:00 am:
    Melissa Anderson (UOttawa/GEOMAR): Geodynamic controls on magmatism and massive sulfide formation in subduction-related settings.


  • Thursday, 1st March 2018: no seminar due to "Physics of Volcanoes" meeting
  • Thursday, 8th March 2018, 11:00 am:
    Lea Scholten (CAU Kiel): Pt-Ni-Fe complexation and solubility in hydrothermal fluids
  • Thursday, 15th March 2018: no seminar due to "IODP/ICDP Kolloquium" 
  • Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 11:00 am:
    Date available -> if interested, please contact the seminar convener 

For further details or to submit your expression of interest to present a seminar talk, please contact Dr. Philipp Brandl