Marine Mineral Resources (MMR)

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Marine Mineral Resources are metal deposits in the oceans that may become of economic relevance in the near future. The research of the MMR group at GEOMAR focuses on the understanding of ore forming processes, geological exploration of the seafloor and estimating the resource potentials (and where we potentially find marine mineral deposits). The focus of our research are polymetallic massive sulfides and porphyry and epithermal copper-gold deposits. We are using a 'source-to-sink' approach in order to understand all aspects that contribute to the formation of metal deposits at the seafloor.

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Prof. Dr. Mark Hannington (Head of the Group)
Dr. Sven Petersen
Dr. Philipp Brandl
Sabine Lange (Team Assistant)


Dr. Anna Krätschell
Dr. Christian Timm (GNS, Marie Curie Visiting Fellow)
Dr. Sofia Martins

PhD Students

Sebastian Graber
Meike Klischies
Sandra Wind

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Major research projects

  • Marine Mineral Resources (Helmholtz Gemeinschaft)
  • Blue Mining (EU FP7): 2014-2018
  • OASIS, Indian Ocean (BMBF): 2015-2018
  • INDEX, geological mapping along Indian Ocean spreading centres (BGR): 2017-2019
  • BISMArc, in collaboration with GeoZentrum Nordbayern (DFG): 2017-2020
  • Critical Metals (Future Oceans): PhD Stipend, 2014-2017

News from our Canadian cooperation project "Metal Oceans" (part of Metal Earth) that studies the modern ocean to provide insights to ore deposit formation in the ancient rock record.

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Recent research cruises


  • SO271 "INDEX 2019", Zentralindischer Rücken, BGR-Lizenzgebiet mit RV Sonne, 26.10.-11.12.2019 (PI: U. Schwarz-Schampera, BGR)
  • POS535 "Loki2GrimseyEM", N of Iceland mit RV Poseidon, 09.06.-03.07.2019 (Fahrtleitung: S. Hölz)


  • SO267 "ARCHIMEDES 1", NE Lau Becken/Fonualei Rifts mit RV Sonne & AUV "ABYSS", 11.12.2018-26.01.2019 (PIs: M. Hannington/H. Kopp (GDY), Co-PI: u.a. S. Petersen)
  • "INDEX2018", RV Pelagia, 10.10.-17.12.2018 (PI: U. Schwarz-Schampera, BGR)
  • POS524 "GrimseyEM", N' von Island mit RV Poseidon, 08.-27.06.2018 (PI: S. Hölz (GDY), Co-PIs: S. Petersen, M. Hannington)
  • MSM75 "REYKJANES", Südlich von Island mit RV Maria S. Merian, ROV "PHOCA" & AUV "ABYSS", 29.06.-08.08.2018  (PI: C. Devey (MuHS-V), Co-PIs: u.a. S. Petersen)
  • IODP Exp. 376 "Brothers Arc Flux", Brothers Smt./Kermadec Arc mit DV JOIDES Resolution, 05.05.-05.07.2018 (Teilnehmer: P.A. Brandl, K. Strehlow (MuHS-P))



  • DYNAMET, New Ireland/Tabar-Lihir-Tanga-Feni island chain with RV Sonne, ROV "Kiel 6000" & AUV "ABYSS" (PIs: M. Hannington/P. Brandl, Co-PI: S. Petersen et al.)
  • SMARTIES, Romanche Fracture Zone (South Atlantic) with RV Pourquoi Pas? & AUV "ABYSS" (PI: M. Maia (CNRS), Co-PI: S. Petersen et al.)
  • HESS DEEP, The dyke/gabbro transition and hydrothermal fault zones at the Hess Deep Rift, equatorial EPR with RV Sonne, ROV "Kiel 6000" & AUV "ABYSS" (PI: J. Köpcke (Uni Hannover), Co-PI: S. Petersen et al.)
  • HEXPLORE, Red Sea with RV Sonne, ROV "Kiel 6000" & AUV "ABYSS" (PI: N. Augustin (MuHS-V), Co-PIs: S. Petersen et al.)
  • SPRINTER, Foundation Plume and Pacfic-Antarctic Ridge with RV Sonne & ROV "Kiel 6000"(PIs: C. Beier/P. Brandl/W. Bach)

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Events & Lectures

Talks & Events:

  • Participation at the German Unity Day 2019 - visit of the citizen delegation
  • Participation at the Kieler Woche 2019
  • Public talk at the Society of Natural Sciences of Schleswig-Holstein, "Active volcanism and resource formation at the seafloor", 12th February 2020, Dr. Philipp Brandl


  • Shortcourse "Hydrothermal systems related to intraoceanic arcs", 7-8 Oktober 2019, GEOMAR Kiel, Werner Petersen Excellence Professor Dr. Cornel de Ronde (GNS Science, New Zealand). Please see the announcement for details!
  • Hydrothermal Systems and Ore Deposits (Kurs 500106; MSc Marine Geowissenschaften, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel), V/UE, 3 SWS, 29.10.2018-10.02.2019: Mo. 16:00-18:30 Uhr, Dr. Sven Petersen

Encyclopedia of Marine Geosciences

The new Encyclopedia of Marine Geosciences involving Dr. Sven Petersen as an editor has been published recently with Springer.

Harff, J., Meschede, M., Petersen, S. und Thiede, J., eds. (2016) Encyclopedia of Marine Geosciences. Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series. Springer, Dordrecht, XXXIII, 961 pp. ISBN 978-94-007-6237-4

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Recent Publications



  • Caratori Tontini, F., Bassett, D., de Ronde, C.E.J., Timm, C. and Wysoczanski, R. (2019) Early evolution of a young back-arc basin in the Havre Trough. (Open Access) Nature Geoscience 12: 856-862.
  • Szitkar, F., Dyment, J., Petersen, S., Bialas, J., Klischies, M., Graber, S., Klaeschen, D., Yeo, I., and Murton, B.J. (2019) Detachment tectonics at Mid-Atlantic Ridge 26°N. (Open Access). Scientific Reports 9: 11830.
  • Gartman, A., Findlay, A.J., Hannington, M., Garbe-Schönberg, D., Jamieson, J., and Kwasnitschka, T. (2019) The role of nanoparticles in mediating element deposition and transport at hydrothermal vents. (Open Access). Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 261: 113-131.
  • Anderson, M.O., Hannington, M.D., McConachy, T.F., Jamieson, J.W., Anders, M., Wienkenjohann, H., Strauss, H., Hansteen, T., and Petersen, S. (2019) Mineralization and alteration of a modern seafloor massive sulfide deposit hosted in mafic volcaniclastic rocks. (Open Access)Economic Geology 114(5): 857-896.
  • de Ronde, C., Humphris, S. E., Hofig, T. W., Reyes, A. G.the IODP Expedition 376 Scientists (including Brandl, P.A., Cai, L., Cai, Y, Caratori Tontini, F., Deans, J.R., Farough, A., Jamieson, J.W., Kolandaivelu, K.P., Kutovaya, A., Labonté, J., Martin, A.J., Massiot, C., McDermott, J.M., McIntosh, I.M., Nozaki, T., Pellizari, V.H., Roberts, S., Rouxel, O., Schlicht, L.E.M., Seo, J.H., Straub, S.M., Strehlow, K., Takai, K., Tanner, D., Tepley III, F.J., Zhang, C.) (2019). Critical role of caldera collapse in the formation of seafloor mineralization: The case of Brothers volcano. Geology 47, 762–766.
  • Fuchs, S., Hannington, M.D., and Petersen, S. (2019) Divining gold in seafloor polymetallic massive sulfide systems. (Open Access). Mineralium Deposita 54(6): 789-820.
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  • Gehrmann, R.A.S., North, L.A., Graber, S., Szitkar, F., Petersen, S., Minshull, T.A., and Murton, B. J. (2019) Marine mineral exploration with controlled-source electromagnetics at the TAG hydrothermal field, 26°N Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Geophysical Research Letters 46(11): 5808-5816.
  • Schmid, F., Peters, M., Walter, M., Devey, C., Petersen, S., Yeo, I., Köhler, J., Jamieson, J.W., Walker, S., and Sültenfuß, J. (2019) Physico-chemical properties of newly discovered hydrothermal plumes above the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (13°-33°S). Deepsea Research I 148: 34-52.
  • Timm, C., de Ronde, C.E.J., Hoernle, K., Cousens, B., Wartho, J.A., Caratori Tontini, F., Wysoczanski, R.J., Hauff, F., Handler, M. (2019) New Age and Geochemical Data from the Southern Colville and Kermadec Ridges, SW Pacific: Insights into the recent geological history and petrogenesis of the Proto-Kermadec (Vitiaz) Arc. Gondwana Research 72: 169-193. doi: 10.1016/
  • Klischies, M., Petersen, S., Devey, C.W. (2019) Geological mapping of the Menez Gwen segment at 37°50′N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Implications for accretion mechanisms and associated hydrothermal activity at slow-spreading mid-ocean ridges. Marine Geology 412:107–122. doi: 10.1016/j.margeo.2019.03.012
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Please find here a full list of publications of the Marine Mineral Resources Group.

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