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Below you find current press releases of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Reseach Kiel. Older press releases of GEOMAR and the predecessor  IFM-GEOMAR you find on the archive pages of the the years 2019, 2018, 2017, 20162015, 2014, 2013, 2012201120102009 and 2008.

Current press releases

Dr. Mengis visiting the Mauna Loa CO2 observational station on Hawaii. Photo: E. Frenken.

Limiting global warming - increasing importance of non-fossil greenhouse gases 

Sampling of the fjord surface water with the research vessel POLARFUCHS. Photo: Jens Klimmeck/GEOMAR

Rainwater flushes microplastics into the Kiel Fjord

First long-term study on microplastic distribution in surface water published

Shipping is the most important means of transport in international trade. Although ships produce fewer emissions per tonne of freight transported than trucks or freight trains, the extensive transport of goods by sea has far-reaching environmental consequences. The project ShipTRASE investigates the effects of global shipping on the ocean and society. Photo: Andreas Villwock

Reduce ship emissions - but how?

Transdisciplinary research project investigates effects of shipping

Prof. Dr. Katja Matthes. Photo: Jan Steffen, GEOMAR

Leadership Change at GEOMAR

Prof. Dr. Katja Matthes becomes the first Female Scientific Director of GEOMAR

Seagrass meadow in the Baltic Sea. This is not a population, but a clone. Photo Pekka Tuuri Using sea gr

Clones - everything but identical

New study shows why asexual populations of plants or animals can thrive in nature

Sea Horse. Photo: S. Kaehlert, GEOMAR

When fathers are pregnant

Immune system alteration identified as key process in the male pregnancy of pipefishes and seahorses

An alga of the genus Micromonas, for which the first transformation protocols are presented. Since Micromonas photosynthesizes with the chloroplast (shown here in green) and is very abundant in the ocean, it plays a role in the global carbon cycle. Photo: Tom Deerinck, Mark Ellisman, Alexandra Worden

Tiny marine organisms as the key to global cycles

New ways to understand the functioning of marine phytoplankton

Using special nets, the team of expedition AL534/2 investigates the microplastic distribution off the coast of Western Europe. Photo: Expedition team AL534/2

Where is the plastic in the ocean?

GEOMAR coordinates new JPI-Oceans project on the distribution of plastic waste in the ocean

Three-spined sticklebacks. Photo: M. Heckwolf, GEOMAR

Epigenetic Inheritance: A silver bullet against climate change?

Researchers from QMUL and GEOMAR are studying the adaptive potential of fish

Schematisches Diagramm der Grundwasserbildung unter eiszeitlichen Bedingungen und heute.

Fresh water below the sea floor

Extensive fresh water reservoir discovered off the coast of New Zealand

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