PhD candidate

Josefine Maas

Research Division 1: Ocean circulation and climate dynamics
FE Marine Meteorology

Düsternbrooker Weg 20
D-24105 Kiel
Room: DW-077

E-Mail: jmaas(at)




Research topics

Thesis: Anthropogenic very short-lived halocarbons from oxidative water treatment

  • Ballast water treatment
  • Cooling water disinfection in power plants
  • Ozone depleting substances


Maas, Josefine, Tegtmeier, Susann, Quack, Birgit, Biastoch, Arne, Durgadoo, Jonathan V., Rühs, Siren, Gollasch, Stephan, and David, Matej: Simulating the spread of disinfection by-products and anthropogenic bromoform emissions from ballast water discharge in Southeast Asia, Ocean Science Discussion,, in review, 2019.