Dr. Carolin Charlotte Wendling



Research Division 3: Marine Ecology

FE Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Fish

GEOMAR | Helmholtz-Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Düsternbrooker Weg 20
24105 Kiel



Room: B46
Tel.: 0431 600 4572
Fax: 0431 600 4553
E-Mail: cwendling(at)geomar.de



Curriculum Vitae

09/2013 - present   Future Ocean PostDoc Fellow at GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

05/2016 - 05/2017   Maternity Leave

02/2015 - 09/2015  Visiting PostDoc in the Lab of Mike Brockhurst at the University of York (UK)

09/2010 - 01/2014   PhD thesis with Mathias Wegner at AWI Wadden Sea Station Sylt (DE)

04/2009 - 01/2010   Diploma thesis (equivalent to  Master thesis) within the international student training and research program GAME at the Agricultural University of Bogor, Java (ID)

04/2005 - 08/2010   Study of Biology at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz (DE)

Research Interesst

As an evolutionary biologist I am interested in host-parasite coevolution, host-parasite local adaptation and host range evolution as well as the influence of abiotic and biotic factors on the respective evolutionary dynamics. Studying host range evolution of prophages as well as the interaction with Vibrio bacteria and final animal hosts consitutes the core of my current work. To answer my research questions, I work on a model system covering a three-species interaction consisting of temperate Vibriophages (prophages), Vibrio bacteria and pipefish as final animal hosts.                                                                                      

Research Projects

Project 1: Evolutionary Feedback in a Tripartite Species Interaction; funded by the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" 

Project 2: Implications of anthropogenic stressors on rapid co-adaptation in a tripartite species interaction; funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft within the priority program SPP 1819 "Rapid Adaptation: Potential and Constraints" in Collaboration with Dr. Olivia Roth (Geomar) and Dr. Heiko Liesegang (University of Göttingen), employed PhD student Henry Göhlich (Geomar)


Chibani, C.M., Poehlein, A., Roth, O., Liesegang, H., Wendling, C.C. (2017). Draft genome sequence of Vibrio splendidus DSM 19640. Genome Announcements 5:e01368-17. https://doi.org/10.1128/genomeA.01368-17.

Wendling, C.C., A Piecyk, D. Refardt, C. Chiabni, R. Hertel, H. Liesegang, B.Bunk, J. Overmann, O.Roth (2017): "Tripartite species interaction: Eukaryotic hosts suffer more from phage susceptible than from phage resistant bacteria"BMC Evolutionary Biology. 17:98. doi: 10.1186/s12862-017-0930-2 

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Wendling, C.C and K. M. Wegner (2015). "Adaptation to enemy shifts: rapid resistance evolution to local Vibrio spp. in invasive Pacific oysters". Proc. R. Soc. B 282:20142244. http://dx.doi.org/10.1098/rspb.2014.2244

Wendling, C. C., F. M. Batista, and K. M. Wegner (2014). “Persistence, seasonal dynamics and pathogenic potential of Vibrio communities from Pacific oyster hemolymph.” PLOS One 9(4): e94256. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0094256

Wendling, C. C., and K. M. Wegner (2013). "Relative contribution of reproductive investment, thermal stress and Vibrio infection to summer mortality phenomena in Pacific oysters." Aquaculture 412-413: 88-96.

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