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GEOMAR | Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
East shore campus
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Education and carreer

  • since 03/2012  Adjunct professor at Unitversity of Kiel (Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel)
  • since 02/2003  Senior research scientist at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre of Ocean Research Kiel
  • 10/2003  Habilitation (Dr. habil.) in Geophysics at Department of Earth Sciences, Bremen University
  • 05/1999-01/2003  Assistance Professor (Hochschulassistent, C1) at Department of Earth Sciences, Bremen University
  • 05/1998-05/1999  Research assistant (Postdoc, BMBF) at GEOMAR Research Centre, Kiel
  • 09/1997-04/1998  Research Assistant (Postdoc, DFG) at Department of Earth Sciences, Bremen University
  • 06/1995-06/1997  Research Assistant (Postdoc, BMBF) at Institute of Geophysics, Hamburg University
  • 11/1994  Doctoral degree in geophysics (Dr. rer. nat.) at Department of Earth Sciences, Hamburg University
  • 05/1993-06/1995  Research Assistant (DFG) and PhD student at Institute of Geophysics, Hamburg University
  • 10/1988-03/1993  Master of Science (Diplom) in Geophysics at Institute of Geophysics, Hamburg University

Scientific Profile

  • Marine Geophysics, including crustal seismology and heat flow surveys of mid-ocean ridges, hotspot provinces, and subduction zones
  • Seismotectonics of plate boundary zones revealed by ocean-bottom-seismometers (OBS) and global seismic data, surveying seismicity, seismic source mechanisms, and rupture processes
  • 240 citations in 2016 (Web of Science)
  • Participation in 28 scientific marine geophysical cruises, ten times as chief scientist and PI
  • 2009-2017 Member of the Editorial Board of "Geophysical Journal International"

Soft Money Staff and Students

Jan Hauschild (BMBF + DFG, 1999-2005)
Guillermo Booth-Rea (DFG, 2004)
Martin Scherwath (BMBF, 2005-2007)
David Völker (BMBF, 2006-2007)
Eduardo Contreras-Reyes (BMBF, 2008-2009)
Marten Lefeldt (DFG-SFB574, 2008-2009)
Ivonne Arroyo (DFG-SFB574, 2008- )
Anke Dannowski (BMBF, 2009, DFG-SFB574 2010-2012 )
Ivonne Arroyo-Aden (DFG-SFB574, 2011; DFG-IODP 2012-2015)

Doctoral students (PhD):

Monika Ivandic (DFG-SFB574, 2005-2008, Dissertation 2008)
Marten Lefeldt (DFG-SFB574, 2005-2008, Dissertation 2008)
Eduardo Contreras-Reyes (DAAD, 2005-2008, Dissertation 2008)
Anke Dannowski (DFG, 2004-2009, Dissertation 2009)
David Pesquer (DFG, 2006- )
Wiebke Brunn (DFG, 2007- )
Stefan Möller (DFG, 2010- )
Wiebke Leuchters (DFG, 2007-2011, Dissertation 2014)
Kathrin Lieser (DFG, 2011-2014, Dissertation 2015)

Dirk Metz (Future Oceans, 2016), with Prof. Watts, Univ. of Oxford

Diploma/Master students:

Stefan Möller (2009)
Helene Kraft (2011)
Sven Schippkus (2014)
Ina Wehner (2016)
Michaela Merz (2016)
Sarah Mader (2016)
Gesa Franz (2017)

Bachelor students:

Sarah Splettstößer (2012)


Top ten publications (most referenced papers)

Ranero, C. R., I. Grevemeyer, H. Sahling, U. Barckhausen, C. Hensen, K. Wallmann, W. Weinrebe, P. Vannucchi, R. von Huene, and K. McIntosh, Hydrogeological system of erosional convergent margins and its influence on tectonics and interplate seismogenesis, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 9, Q03S04, doi:10.1029/2007GC001679, 2008.

Booth-Rea, G., C.R. Ranero, J.M. Martinez-Martinez, and I. Grevemeyer, Crustal types and Tertiary tectonic evolution of the Alborán Sea, western Mediterranean, G-cubed, doi:10.1029/2007GC001639, 2007.

Grevemeyer, I., R. Herber, and H.-H. Essen, Microseismological evidence for a changing wave-climate in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean, Nature, 408 , 349-352, 2000.

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Grevemeyer, I., N. Kaul, J.L. Diaz-Naveas, H. Villinger, C.R. Ranero, and C. Reichert, Heat flow and bending-related faulting at subduction trenches: case studies offshore of Nicaragua and Central Chile, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 236, 238-248, 2005.

Grevemeyer, I., and H. Villinger, Gas hydrate stability and the assessment of heat flow through continental margins, Geophys. J. Int., 145,, 647-660, 200.

Schmidt, M., C. Hensen, T. Mörz, C. Müller, I. Grevemeyer, K. Wallmann, S. Mau, and N. Kaul, Methane hydrate accumulation in „Mound 11“ mud volcano, Costa Rica forearc, Marine Geol., 216, 77-94, 2005.

Ivandic, M., I. Grevemeyer, J. Berhorst, E.R. Flueh, and K. McIntosh, Impact of bending related faulting on the seismic properties of the incoming oceanic plate offshore of Nicaragua, J. Geophys. Res., 133, B05410, doi:10.1029/2007JB005291, 2008.

Contreras-Reyes, E., I. Grevemeyer, E.R. Flueh, and C. Reichert, Upper lithospheric structure of the subduction zone offshore of southern Arauco Peninsula, Chile at ~38° S, J. Geophys. Res., 113, B07303, doi:10.1029/2007JB005569, 2008.

Grevemeyer, I., E.R. Flueh, C. Reichert, J. Bialas, D. Kläschen, and C. Kopp, Crustal architecture and deep structure of the Ninetyeast Ridge hotspot trail from active-source ocean bottom seismology, Geophys. J. Int., 144, 414-413, 2001.

A selection of publications 2016 - 2017

Metz, D., A. B. Watts, I. Grevemeyer, M. Rodgers, and M. Paulatto, Ultra-long-range hydroacoustic observations of submarine volcanic activity at Monowai, Kermadec Arc, Geophys. Res. Lett., 43, 1529–1536, doi:10.1002/2015GL067259, 2016.

Prada, M., V. Sallares, C.R. Ranero, M.G. Vendrell, N. Zitellini, and I. Grevemeyer, Mantle exhumation and sequence of magmatic events in the Magnaghi–Vavilov Basin (Central Tyrrhenian, Italy): New constraints from geological and geophysical observations, Tectonophysics 689, 133–142, doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2016.01.041, 2016.

Kahle, R., F. Tilmann, and I. Grevemeyer, Crustal structure and kinematics of the TAMMAR propagating rift system on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from seismic refraction and satellite altimetry gravity, Geophys. J. Int., 206, 1382–1397, doi: 10.1093/gji/ggw219, 2016.

Lange, D., J. Geersen, S. Barrientos, M. Moreno, I. Grevemeyer, E. Contreras-Reyes, and H. Kopp, Aftershock seismicity and tectonic setting of the 16 September 2015 Mw 8.3 Illapel earthquake, Central Chile. Geophys. J. Int.206, 1424–1430, ggw218, 2016.

Grevemeyer, I., L. Matias, and S. Silva, Mantle earthquakes beneath the South Iberia continental margin and Gulf of Cadiz – constraints from an onshore-offshore seismological network, J. Geodynamics, 99, 39-50, doi:10.1016/j.jog.2016.06.001, 2016.

Grevemeyer, I., D. Lange, H. Villinger, S. Custódio, and L. Matias, Seismotectonics of the Horseshoe Abyssal Plain and Gorringe Bank, eastern Atlantic Ocean: Constraints from ocean bottom seismometer data, J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth, 122, 63–78, doi:10.1002/2016JB013586, 2017.<cite id="ggge21317-cit-0001">

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Harding, J.L., H. J.A.,van Avendonk, N.W. Hayman, I.Grevemeyer, C. Peirce, and A. Dannowski, Magmatic-tectonic condictions for hydrothermal venting on an ultraslow-spread oceanic core ceomplex, Geology, 45, 839-842, doi: 10.1130/G39045.1, 2017

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Prada, M., V. Sallares, C.R. Ranero, M.G. Vendrell, I. Grevemeyer, N. Zitellini, and R. de Franco, Spatial variations of magmatic crustal accretion during the opening of the Tyrrhenian back-arc from wide-angle seismic velocity models and seismic reflection images, Basin Research, doi:10.1111/bre.12211., 2017