Your GEOMAR DokTeam

We are the DokTeam and represent you and around 200 other PhD students at GEOMAR. So you may be wondering who’s ‘we’ in the DokTeam 2019?



Foto von Iason – Zois Gazis
DokTeam Member - Hanna Campen

Hanna Campen

FB 2: Chemical Oceanography

Phone: +49 431 600-4207
Email: hcampen(at)

Hei hei, I'm Hanna and have been in Kiel since my Bachelor studies of Biology. I stayed for my Master in Biol. Oceanography and still really like this place. However, in my doctoral project I come to explore a (even ;) ) more remote place: the Arctic Ocean. I look on production processes and emissions of DMS and CO - two ubiquitious climate relevant trace gases. I admire my free time where I enjoy little outdoor adventures, running & beachvolleyball and being among friends - always up for a good chat.


  • Represent DR's interests at the scientific council (and other interest groups like the parents group, sustainability initiative)
  • Keep you posted on all kinds of interesting news through our website and social media
  • Organising social events - any ideas or suggestions? Let me know!
  • Increase DokTeam's visibility and our networking among us as Doctoral Researchers at GEOMAR and in general - I (almost) always have an open ear :)




Picture of Thea Hamm
DokTeam Member - Thea Hamm

Thea Hamm

FB 1: Marine Ecology

Phone: +49 431 600-4084
Email: thamm(at)

Hei, I am Thea, I started as a doctoral researcher at GEOMAR in December 2016 in Marine Ecology testing the effects of microplastics on blue mussels. I am a scholarship student and therefore have a big interest in improving the situation for external stipend holders. If I am not in the climate chambers working I am handcrafting in winter and doing outdoor sports in summer!


  • Main responsibility: representing the community of doctoral researchers from GEOMAR in the Helmholtz-wide Network of Helmholtz Juniors. Here, I mainly am involved in improving the working conditions for doctoral researchers at Helmholtz Centers.
  • Be involved in GEOMAR's new initiative regarding sustainability



DokTeam Member - Lara Jacobi

Lara Jacobi

FB 1: Paleoceanography

Phone: +49 431 600-2309
Email:  ljacobi(at)

Hey, I am Lara and came to Kiel after I studied (marine) Geosciences in Bremen. In my doctoral project I am reconstructing upper ocean dynamics of the North Pacific and in my free time I do enjoy all sorts of outdoor sports.



  • Main responsibility: representing the community of doctoral researchers form GEOMAR in the Network of the Helmholtz Junior
  • Comunication with representatives of GEOMAR Postdocs 
  • Keep you posted on Events and News through our website and social media



DokTeam Member - Henrike (Rike) Schmidt

Henrike Schmidt

FB 2: Biogeochemical Modelling

Phone: +49 431 600-4023
Email:  hschmidt(at)

Heyho, I am Henrike. After my Master studies in Physical Oceanography here in Kiel, I started my doctoral project in February 2018. I am interested oxygen dynamics in the Indian Ocean and the representation in coupled physical-biogeochemical models.


  • ISOS Representative - responsible for a smooth information flow and close collaboration
  • Organize social events to connect the doctoral researchers with each other
  • Moderate the DokTeam mailing list with Felix



Picture of Caroline Utermann
DokTeam Member - Fabian Wolf

Fabian Wolf

FB 3: Marine Ecology

Phone: +49 431 600-1599
Email: fwolf(at)

Moin everyone, I am Fabian and I came to Kiel in 2015 for the master study program Biological Oceanography. After graduation I obtained a scholarship from the DBU to fund my doctorate on the impact of extreme events (marine heatwaves and hypoxic upwelling events) on benthic communities in the Western Baltic Sea. When not working, I enjoy running at the Fjord, hiking and playing badminton.



  • As I obtained a scholarship myself, I have a good idea about problems and struggles being an external scholarship holder. Therefore, I am very much interested in improving the situation of external scholarship holders at GEOMAR.
  • Furthermore, I am representing the community of GEOMARs doctoral researchers at the Helmholtz-wide network of Helmholtz Juniors.



    DokTeam Member - Felix Wolf

    Felix Wolf

    FB 4: FE Marine Geodynamik

    Phone: +49 431 600-2323
    Email: fnwolf(at)

    Hi folks, my name is Felix. I came to Kiel and Kiel University in 2011, studied Geophysics and graduated in 2017. In my doctoral research that I started in January 2018 I am investigating the possibilities of using ocean bottom seismometer data for ambient noise studies. I was a student representative during bachelor and master so it was a small step to become part of our DokTeam. In my spare time I sing in a student a-capella-choir and, like my fellow DokTeam members, I enjoy outdoor sports (running, soccer, kayaking), during winter I play Squash."


    • Moderate the DokTeam mailing list
    • Keep DokTeam in contact with GEOMAR PostDoc representatives
    • Support Caro in communicating with directorate and administration



    GEOMAR DokTeam 

    GEOMAR Helmholtz Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel
    c/o Lara Jacobi

    Wischhofstr. 1-3
    24148 Kiel


    email: dokteam(at)

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