Summer semester 2019


General remarks

Lecture period: 08.04.2019 to 06.07.2019 

First exam period summer semester: 08.07. - 20.07.2019

Second exam period summer semester:  07.10. - 19.10.2019

Complete schedule: see below

Keep in mind - it's your responsibility not to miss any fixed dates and/or deadlines.

Practicals, practical exercises and some seminars have compulsory attendance (FPO § 10).

Make sure that you sign the attendance list every course day!

Framework of courses:

  1. All of the five first semester modules are compulsory.
  2. Passed exams of the core modules of the first semester (MNF-bioc-101 and MNF-bioc-102) are the indispensable prerequisite for the core module of the second semester in summer (e.g. MNF-bioc-201 and MNF-bioc-202).
  3. Passed exams of ALL compulsory modules of first and second semester are the indispensable prerequisite for the core module of the third semester in winter (MNF-bioc-301).
  4. A short presentation of your planned master thesis ("proposal day") and a passed exam at the end of MNF-bioc-301 is the prerequisite to register your thesis (MNF-bioc-401) at the examination office.

For details concerning prerequisites look at the exam regulations in Biological Oceanography (p. 8-11).

Forms concerning exam withdrawal for good cause, medical certificate etc. ( forms).

General regulations concerning examinations can be found here.

Considerations concerning using first or second exam phase (CAU).

Exams are generally scheduled only for the semester where the modules are taught.

  • There are no exams for winter semester modules MNF-bioc-1xx and MNF-bioc-3xx in summer semester.
  • There are no exams for summer semester modules MNF-bioc-2xx in winter semester.


Examination Schedule (lecturers and students (link to CAU))


Timetables and course lists

General: Courses (lectures, seminars, practicals etc.) summer semester 2019

MSc. Biological Oceanography - second semester - lecture plan summer semester 2019 (click on "Stundenplan" for further details).  As all the six different possible practical parts of MNF-bioc-202 are shown it looks heavily loaded - but you have to choose only two non overlapping parts.

Details: More detailed information concerning single courses and modules can be found on OLAT in general or via our module list, with links to the resp. module information on OLAT.

For a more complete overview of courses within M.Sc. Biological Oceanography (incl. block courses etc.) in summer term 2019 look a the course list below.

(download timetable / download course list / also available on OLAT).


As you can take many optional modules outside of our curriculum (CAU-wide choices) these are not included in the example lists and timetables.