Dr. Ernest Oppong-Danquah


Forschungsbereich 3: Marine Ökologie
FE Marine Naturstoffchemie

Tel: +49 431 600-4423
E-Mail: eoppong-danquah(at)geomar.de


Wischhofstraße 1-3
24148 Kiel

Research interests:

Natural product chemistry

I specialize in mining bioactive compounds from marine fungi and bacteria, identifying novel metabolites with potential applications in both pharmaceuticals and agriculture. Through microbial cocultivation techniques, I explore synergistic interactions to produce functional metabolites with potent antimicrobial properties.

Academic positions:

MSc Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Control, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana, (08/2008-05/2010)

PhD Marine Natural Product Chemistry (10/2015-03/2020)

Postdoctoral researcher at GEOMAR Kiel since October 2019


Oppong-Danquah, E., Blümel, M., and Tasdemir, D. (2023). Metabolomics and microbiomics insights into differential surface fouling of three macroalgal species of Fucus (Fucales, Phaeophyceae) that co-exist in the German Baltic Sea. Marine Drugs, 21.11: 595.

Oppong-Danquah, E., Miranda, M., Blümel, M. and Tasdemir, D. (2023). Bioactivity profiling and untargeted metabolomics of microbiota associated with mesopelagic jellyfish Periphylla periphylla. Marine Drugs, 21(2), p.129.

Hassani, M. A., Oppong-Danquah, E., Feurtey, A., Tasdemir, D., & Stukenbrock, E. H. (2022). Differential regulation and production of secondary metabolites among isolates of the fungal wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. :aem0229621

Oppong-Danquah, E., Blümel, M., Scarpato, S., Mangoni, A., & Tasdemir, D. (2022). Induction of isochromanones by co-cultivation of the marine fungus Cosmospora sp. and the Phytopathogen Magnaporthe oryzae. International Journal of Molecular Sciences23(2), 782.

Oppong-Danquah, E., Passaretti, C., Chianese, O., Blümel, M., & Tasdemir, D. (2020). Mining the metabolome and the agricultural and pharmaceutical potential of sea foam-derived fungi. Marine Drugs, 18(2), 128.

Oppong-Danquah, E., Budnicka, P., Blümel, M., & Tasdemir, D. (2020). Design of fungal co‐cultivation based on comparative metabolomics and bioactivity for discovery of marine fungal agrochemicals. Marine Drugs, 18(2), 73.

Oppong-Danquah, E, Parrot, D, Blümel, M, Labes, A, Tasdemir, D. (2018). Molecular networking-based metabolome and bioactivity analyses of marine-adapted fungi co-cultivated with phytopathogens.  Frontiers in Microbiology, 9, 2072.


Oppong-Danquah E., Parrot D., Labes A., Tasdemir D. “Drug Discovery in Petri Dish against Crop Diseases: Microbial Co-cultivations for Increasing the Chemical Diversity of Marine Fungi”, BIOPROSP, 8th international conference on Marine Bioprospecting, Tromso, Norway, 8-10 March 2017.

Oppong-Danquah E., Parrot D., Blümel M., Labes A., Tasdemir D. “Discovery of novel anti-phytopathogenic agents through co-cultivation of marine-derived fungi” Conference on Advances in Integrated Ocean Research towards Sustainable Development.” Kiel, Germany, 2-6 July 2017.


Oppong-Danquah E., Parrot D., Blümel M., Labes A., Tasdemir D. “Chemical Communications between Marine Fungi and Phytopathogenic Microorganisms for Increasing the Chemical Diversity in Microbial Co-culturing”, CRC 1182 Young Investigator Research Day, Kiel, Germany, 15-16 May 2017.

Oppong-Danquah E., Parrot D., Blümel M., Labes A., Tasdemir D. “Co-cultivation for Increasing the Chemical Space of Marine Fungi for the Discovery of Anti-phytopathogenic agents” ,MaFNaP, 2nd International conference of Marine Fungal Natural Product, Kiel, Germany, 27-29 June 2017.


2017                 8th International Conference on Marine Bioprospecting (BIOPROSP_17- Travel grant)
2015-2019        DAAD/Government of Ghana Doctoral scholarship