Software Entwicklung

Eine Auswahl von Software die am GEOMAR entwickelt wird:


SVAmpEx (Spongy Variability Amplicon Explorer) - Tool

This software was developed to get an interactive handle on large and complex next generation sequencing datasets by facilitating data exploration and pattern recognition through customized novel visualisation designs. In particular it was created to facilitate a) interactive data mining of large and complex biodiversity datasets b) data analysis c) baseline establishment d) interdisciplinary system-orientated approaches and e) data recycling. Users can temporarily upload novel biodiversity data to interact with their own data, put them into larger context and access related curated resources. In its current initial configuration, the tool supports a holistic perspective on deep-sea sponge microbiomes in the oceanographic context.

Kontakt : Kathrin Busch, RD3, Research Unit Marine Symbioses


Software Produkte, die von der DeepSea Monitoring Gruppe entwickelt wurden: