Ozeanzirkulation und Klimadynamik


Global Ocean at 1/12°

Surface Speed in ORCA12. Inlay shows zoomed region of the North Sea and the western part of the Baltic Sea to illustrate the model grid box size.

To explore the interaction between regions of strong mesoscale activity (e.g. usually resolved by local AGRIF nests), a global high resolution model is needed. ORCA12, with a horizontal resolution of 1/12°, provides this link. However, in subpolar and subarctic regions a higher resolution is needed to resolve mesoscale eddies. This is realized in the 1/20° AGRIF configurations (e.g., VIKING20, INALT20).

Person in charge: Markus Scheinert


  • NEMO ocean
  • LIM2 sea ice (elastic-viscous rheology)
  • Tripolar ORCA grid
  • Grid Points: 4322 x 3059 x 46
  • Nominal Grid Point Distance: Eq: ~9 km; 60°N: ~5 km
  • Time Step: 480s
  • CORE-II Bulk forcing
Minimum horizontal grid point distance (km) in ORCA12.


The large size of the ORCA12 model (in terms of computing resources and file size) only allows short experiments (typically, 10-30 years). This effort is only achievable through coordinated experiments within the European DRAKKAR collaboration.

  • Hindcast experiment (interannual forcing, past 20-30 years)


Simulations are run using the high performance computing facilities of DKRZ.


Data is available only internally. For data requests from outside GEOMAR, please contact the Model and Data Management (see right column).


ORCA12 runs are used within the following projects:

  • RACE
  • SFB754
  • R'Eddy


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Model and Data Management

For general questions about the model configurations and data access, please contact:

Dr. Markus Scheinert
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email: mscheinert(at)geomar.de

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