The habitat formed by manganese nodules is home to specific sessile and mobile fauna. Photo: ROV-Team, GEOMAR (CC BY 4.0)

Deep-Sea Mining: Transparent Environmental Management Needed

19 October 2017 / London, Kiel. What would be the consequences for abyssal ecosystems if mining of marine ore deposits was to start? Can such exploitation be conducted in an environmentally acceptable fashion? And how can mining regulations be enforced? For three years researchers from eleven countr...

The Underwater Vision Profiler during a trial in the Kiel Fjord. The UVP provided crucial data for the new study. Photo: Rainer Kiko, GEOMAR

Marine Snowfall at the Equator

10 October 2017 / Kiel. Animal excrements and parts of dead organisms constantly sink from the surface of the oceans towards the deep sea. This particle flow, also referred to as “marine snowfall”, plays an important role in the global carbon cycle and consequently for the climate. Little is known s...

The team of evaluators with representatives of the Helmholtz Association in front of the submersible JAGO. Photo: Jan Steffen.

"Outstanding" for GEOMAR

6 October 2017/Kiel. During the past three days GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel passed a scientific evaluation as the first of the 18 centres of the Helmholtz Association. A team of 17 international reowned scientists under the chairmenship of Dr. Peter Heffernan from the Marine Inst...

A special basin for jellyfish of the Kiel Marine Organism Culture Center in the Aquarium GEOMAR. As part of GoJelly, a new breeding pool for jellyfish is to be developed based on previous experience. Photo: Jan Steffen, GEOMAR

Jellyfish: Disgusting? Useful!

02 October 2017/Kiel. Global climate change and the human impact on marine ecosystems result in decreasing the number of fish in the ocean. This leads to a decrease of jellyfish competitors, thus, their blooms are in rise. For many people jellyfish are regarded as annoying and even dangerous. The EU...



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Weather of Kiel at 08:56


Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 12,7°C
Water temperature: 14,0°C
Wind direction: 108°, ESE
Wind speed: 2,30 m/s

Measuring Point Light House

Air temperature: 12,7°C
Water temperature: 13,2°C
Wind direction: 118°, ESE
Wind speed: 9,05 m/s