Possible start position of all nine MH370 debris on 8 March 2014. The detailed map on the right shows the area around the last contact of the aircraft with a satellite (7th arc) and the search area (hatched). Source: GEOMAR

Lessons learnt from the drift analysis of MH370 debris

16 April 2019/Kiel. The Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines (MH370) has been missing for over five years. The extensive, costly, but unsuccessful search operations have stopped. A European research consortium under the leadership of GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre of Ocean Research Kiel has helped by providing ...

[Translate to English:] Wissenschaftliche Geräte auf dem Arbeitsdeck von RV SONNE. Foto: Steffen Niemann.

Manganese nodules: desired mineral resource and important habitat

5 April 2019/Kiel, Manzanillo. The German research vessel RV SONNE has just left port in Manzanillo, Mexico, for the second leg of a 14-week long research cruise to the Clarion-Clipperton fracture Zone (CCZ) in the Northeast Pacific. The expedition is being carried out as part of the European JPI Oc...

View on the Eastern South Pacific during the expedition M91 with research vessel METEOR. Researchers from GEOMAR were able to determine dissolved hydroxylamine in water samples from numerous stations. These measurements provide indications where nitrification occurs. Photo: Kerstin Nachtigall/GEOMAR

Tracing the Process of Nitrous Oxide Formation in the Ocean

26 March 2019/Kiel. Nitrogen is an essential element for both the life on land and in the oceans. Moreover, it affects the climate of Earth. However, many factors in the nitrogen cycle are not yet known or sufficiently understood. Marine chemists at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kie...

AtlantOS Symposium

Progress in Ocean Observations in the Atlantic

25 March 2019 / Paris/Kiel. During a four-day long symposium at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (France), the EU-Horizon 2020 Project on “Optimizing and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System“ (AtlantOS) will celebrate the success of four years of work involving 62 partners from 18 co...



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Weather of Kiel at 01:36


Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 10,3°C
Water temperature: 9,7°C
Wind direction: 82°, E
Wind speed: 1,65 m/s

Measuring Point Light House

Air temperature: 10,9°C
Wind direction: 118°, ESE
Wind speed: 5,96 m/s