23.07.2014 - 07.08.2014
Indian Ocean

Institution: UiO
Chief scientist: Kirstin Krüger

SO235 - The OASIS (Organic very short lived substances and their Air sea Exchange from the Indian Ocean to the Stratosphere) cruise will take place directly after the SPACES cruise and will focus on surface ocean trace gas cycling, flux to the atmosphere, and transport to upper troposphere and lower stratosphere. The gases that will be measured are mainly brominated and iodinated halocarbon compounds and dimethylsulphide, both in the ocean and in the atmosphere. CO2, N2O, and CH4 will also be measured. The Indian Ocean, with high influx of nutrients from land and special current and eddy systems, supports phytoplankton blooms that generate trace gases in the surface ocean. In addition, the western Indian Ocean experiences areas of high wind speed, related to the monsoon systems there. Both the high ocean production and wind speed events enhance air-sea exchange. The convective area above India/ Bay of Bengal is instrumental for transporting ocean-derived trace gases to the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere.
Chiefscientist is Prof. Dr. Kirstin Krüger (Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo)

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