Optional modules / free choice modules

Optional modules means: you have to choose from a number of courses within Biological Oceanography (list see below) - or out of the complete choice of CAU courses (see  here for some examples and "how to...").

Due to change of staff etc. not all modules are always available.

Ask the study advice or the persons in charge of the modules.

Optional modules second semester (summer semester):

MNF-bioc-250 - Element cycles in the ocean - Stoffkreisläufe im Meer

MNF-bioc-251 - Biogeochemistry of Marine Sediments - I

MNF-bioc-253 - How to write and publish a scientific paper

MNF-bioc-255 - Mechanisms of biomineralization

MNF-bioc-260 - Marine biodiscovery and biotechnology

MNF-bioc-264 - Sea Bird Ecology

MNF-bioc-266 - Advanced course in Polar Ecology

MNF-bioc-267 - Identification and taxonomy of marine invertebrates

MNF-bioc-270 - Marine Population Genomics II

MNF-bioc-271 - New aspects of meteorology and oceanography: Carbon cycling in a changing climate

MNF-bioc-272 - New Developments in Marine Microbiology I

MNF-bioc-274 - New Trends in Marine Biodiscovery

MNF-bioc-275 - Invasion Ecology

MNF-bioc-276 - Marine Food Webs – Research Reports I

Optional modules third semester (winter semester):

MNF-bioc-341 - Advanced Biological Modelling

MNF-bioc-342 - Current Topics in Biogeochemical Modelling

MNF-bioc-343 - Current Topics in Benthic Ecology

MNF-bioc-350 - Climate-relevant trace gases in the ocean

MNF-bioc-357- How to make and keep a habitable planet - biogeochemistry-climate feedbacks and astrobiology

MNF-bioc-360 - Marine biotechnology – I

MNF-bioc-361 - Marine Animal Physiology and Functional Morphology

MNF-bioc-365 - Mechanisms of biomineralization II

MNF-bioc-372 - New Aspects in Marine Microbiology II

MNF-bioc-374 - New Trends in Marine Biotechnology

MNF-bioc-376 - Marine Food Webs – Research Reports I

MNF-bioc-379 - Geomicrobiology: from sediments to bacteria: turnover rates, enzyme activities and genetics

MNF-ozgr-152 - Advanced Physical Oceanography for Minors