Corona pandemic: Restriction of campus operations

Dear students,

due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic all contact-teaching activities at CAU have been suspended until April 19. This includes exams also (exams like handing in reports, homework, digital exams etc. are still possible currently).

CORONA-PANDEMIE: Aktuelle Informationen für Mitarbeitende und Studierende (Quelle: Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)

CAU: Current information on exams and courses

More information - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Concerning our curriculum and teaching for the upcoming summer semester we will provide you with all information as soon as possible.
Deregistration and withdrawal procedures are handled as generously as possible. Students can assume that they will not suffer any disadvantages if they miss the regular cancellation and withdrawal deadlines due to examinations cancelled at short notice. The faculties provide timely information for students about examinations on their websites.

Courses in summer semester 2020will be mainly online based. More information via courses OLAT- resp. UnivIS-entries and by the person in charge of the course.

Courses in summer semester 2020


ModuleModule nameFormOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-201Advanced Studies in Biological  OceanographyLOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-202* Advanced Practical Course in Biological OceanographyP/EOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-220Biological Modelling and Biostatistics L/P/pEOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc/ozgr-151Introduction to Physical Oceanography - import pherIPOLOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-231Current Topics in Biogeochemistry IL/SOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-232Current Topics in Marine Ecology I L/SOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-233Current Topics in Fish Ecology and AquacultureEx/E/SOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-250Element cycles in the ocean - Stoffkreisläufe im MeerLOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-260Marine biodiscovery and biotechnologyPOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-264Sea Bird EcologyPOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-266Advanced course in Polar EcologyL/S/ExOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-267Identification and taxonomy of marine invertebratesL/pE/ExOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-271New aspects of meteorology and oceano-graphyL/S/EOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-274New Trends in Marine BiodiscoverySOLATUnivIS
MNF-bioc-279Geomicrobiology: accessing the hidden uncultured microbial majority in seafloor habitatsL/S/POLATUnivIS


*: Modules, courses and parts of modules where contact teaching is essential like practical courses, excursions, practical exercises etc. are postponed. For details see UnivIS, OLAT and contact corresponding person in charge.

L: Lecture / S: Seminar / P: Practical course / pE: Practical exercise / E: Exercise / Ex: Excursion

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