Accelerated melting of glacial ice

13 August 2015 / Kiel. Warmer waters from deeper layers of the ocean can boost the melting of polar ice. Investigations of an international research team show that changes on ocean circulation caused bottom water temperatures to rise and sea ice to melt in the Arctic Ocean 30,000 years ago. Their re...


Greenhouse gases’ millennia-long ocean legacy

3 August 2015/Kiel, Potsdam, Stanford. Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities do not only cause rapid warming of the seas, but also ocean acidification at an unprecedented rate. Artificial carbon dioxide removal (CDR) through geo engineering techniques has been proposed to reduce both risks ...

With the piston corer sediment cores from the ocean floor can be obtained. Photo: D. Nürnberg, GEOMAR

Exceptionally rapid onset of coastal upwelling offshore Peru

31 July 2015/Kiel. The coastal upwelling of cold and nutrient-rich waters off Peru and Ecuador is significant not only for the regional fishing industry, but also for the global carbon cycle and thus for the Earth's climate. As part of the Kiel Collaborative Research Centre 754, scientists of the GE...

The location of the volcanic islands Tristan da Cunha and Gough in the South Atlantic. Image Reproduced from the GEBCO world map 2014,

Twin volcanic chains above a single hotspot with distinct roots

27 July 2015/Kiel. Many processes inside the earth are still enigmatic. One of the open questions is how neighboring chains of volcanoes, supplied by the same volcanic hotspot, can emit material of distinct geochemical composition over tens of millions of years? Researchers of the GEOMAR Helmholtz C...



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Weather of Kiel at 11:36


Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 18,2°C
Water temperature: 18,5°C
Wind direction: 250°, WSW
Wind speed: 4,50 m/s

Measuring Point Light House

Air temperature: 17,9°C
Water temperature: 18,1°C
Wind direction: 233°, SW
Wind speed: 10,22 m/s