Lime-stone formation at the Changinola river, Panama. Photo: Kaj Hoernle, GEOMAR

How continents grow from the oceans

10 April 2015 / Blacksburg, Kiel. The outer shell of the earth consists of oceanic and continental crust. However, it is not yet fully understood when and how the continental crust formed. An international research team including scientists from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel el...

Ferromanganese crusts with typical band structure. Source: Buczkowski, USGS.

More than just an economic resource: ferromanganese crusts record past climates

April 9, 2015/Kiel. The onset of northern hemispheric glaciation cycles three million years ago has dramatically changed Arctic climate. Scientists of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany have now for the first time reconstructed the history of Arctic climate based on records...

With help of the AUV ABYSS (top right) the mud volcanoes Abzu, Tiamat and M. Ivanov have been discovered in 2012. Photo/Graphic: GEOMAR

New insights into the mysterious ocean floor

24 March 2015/Kiel. During an expedition of the German research vessel METEOR in 2012 scientists of the GEOMAR Helmholtz-Centre for Ocean Research Kiel together with colleagues from Bremen and Halle, Portugal, Spain and the UK, discovered previously unknown mud volcanoes on the seabed of the Atlanti...

Lighthouse in Büsum (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany). Sea level rise significantly differs from one coast to another. Photo: Klaus Heinrich Vanselow, Copyright: Uni Kiel / FTZ Westküste

Sea level rise: More data from the oceans needed

16 March 2015/Kiel. How quickly sea level will rise in the next 100 years can be roughly calculated on a global scale. However, for specific coastal-protection measures, you do not need a global average; you need to know how sea level will actually rise at a particular coast. The regional sea level ...



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Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 9,1°C
Water temperature: 7,7°C
Wind direction: 270°, W
Wind speed: 4,40 m/s

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Wind direction: 272°, W
Wind speed: 8,43 m/s