Lophelia, how are you?

How do cold-water corals react to changing environmental conditions such as rising water temperatures and ocean acidification? Will the fragile reefs survive climate change?

Dr. Elizabeta Briski. Photo: J. Steffen, GEOMAR

Where do the most successful invaders come from?

5th August 2014/Kiel. The Croatian/Canadian biologist Dr. Elizabeta Briski studies the question whether species from certain regions have inherent advantages over other species in colonizing new ecosystems. For her research she has been awarded with the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award of the Alexander von ...

] Jai S Sohan, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore, with GEOMAR director Professor Peter Herzig . Photo: J. Steffen, GEOMAR

Climate Research and Natural Marine Substances

18 July 2014/Kiel. For Jai S Sohan, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore in Germany, it was already the second visit at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel within a month. At the end of June, following the invitation of the Schleswig-Holstein state government, he had attended the trad...

Glider deployment from an inflatable – a proven method in the open ocean, and equally successful in the shallow Baltic.  Photo: Michael Schneider, FS METEOR

Why so cold all of a sudden?

08 July 2014/Kiel. Gliders are autonomous measuring probes collecting data for marine research in the open ocean on predetermined courses between the sea surface and up to 1000 meters water depth. The fact that these devices can also operate precisely in the 20-meter shallow Baltic Sea was proven in...



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Weather of Kiel at 02:58


Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 16,6°C
Water temperature: 1,0°C
Wind direction: 153°, SSE
Wind speed: 2,80 m/s

Measuring Point Light House

Air temperature: 16,3°C
Water temperature: 17,8°C
Wind direction: 136°, SE
Wind speed: 6,01 m/s