Professor Colin Devey and Dr. Morelia Urlaub in the Lithothek of GEOMAR during the shooting of the online course about the ocean and its relevance for humans. Photo: Future Ocean

Ocean MOOC starts in five days

Kiel, April 20, 2016. More than two thirds of our planet is covered with water. The ocean thus plays a decisive role in the human experience. The climate system of the Earth is greatly influenced by the ocean and its resources, such as a rich supply of food which also provides a livelihood for billi...

Simulated summertime (June-August) average temperature changes in 536 CE due to the stratospheric aerosol cloud resulting from an unknown volcanic eruption reconstructed here based on contemporary written records and ice core sulfate measurements. The simulated temperature changes, ranging from 1-3 ° C over Europe, show good agreement with estimates from two tree-ring temperature  reconstructions based on trees in Northern Scandinavia. Graphic: Matt Toohey, GEOMAR

Two Volcanoes trigger Crises of the Late Antiquity

19 April 2016/Kiel. Contemporary chronicles, archaeological studies and physical evidence all point to severe climatic changes and ensuing social crises in the middle of the 6th century. New data from ice cores suggest that these events were caused by two major volcanic eruptions. An international t...

Iceberg off the coast of Svalbard. Photo: M. Nicolai, GEOMAR.

Origin of ancient ice ages in the Southern Hemisphere?

6 April 2016/Kiel. The North Atlantic is one of the key regions controlling Northern Hemisphere climate. Changes in the strength of the Gulf Current for example arguably may have played an important role in preconditioning our climate in the transition to ice ages. Via analyses of marine sediments, ...

3-D section the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at Kolbeinsey Ridge. Source: GEOMAR.

New evidence for large episodic volcanic events on the seafloor

5 April 2016/Kiel. Scientists at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel trying to understand how the Earth’s surface was formed have used new technology to date lava flows at the North Kolbeinsey Ridge about 500 kilometers north of Iceland. They found evidence of large, deep-sea volcani...



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Weather of Kiel at 01:28


Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 6,4°C
Water temperature: 8,8°C
Wind direction: 275°, W
Wind speed: 1,80 m/s

Measuring Point Light House

Air temperature: 7,2°C
Water temperature: 8,4°C
Wind direction: 290°, WNW
Wind speed: 7,13 m/s