Dr. Kathrin Busch

Research Division 3: Marine Ecology
Research Unit: Marine Symbioses

Room: DW-311/ HBS-121
Telephone: +49 431 600-4471
E-Mail: kbusch(at)geomar.de

Address: Düsternbrooker Weg 20 D-24105 Kiel


Research interests

« I am a biological oceanographer conducting system-oriented and interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary environmental research. My focus is on cold and deep ocean environments and emerges from an ecological perspective. My work is centered around ecosystem dynamics, matter fluxes, and biodiversity assesments over space and time encompassing varying scales. I love to evaluate coherences, such as the interplay between abiotic and biotic components, biological networks, feedback mechanisms, and connectivity. All just mentioned aspects are crucial for a sustainable living with the ocean. My main study focus are marine microbes, including host-associated, particle-associated, and free-living representatives. Besides in situ approaches at sea, especially in silico techniques are my core theme in the era of a "digital ocean". I have experience in managing and processing of large datasets and establishing bioinformatic pipelines. A particular emphasis lies on statistics and the development of novel data visualisation formats. »