Researchers at GEOMAR are working around the globe to collect information about the state of the ocean. Their data and samples contribute to a more precise understanding of crucial processes from the seafloor to the atmosphere and the ocean’s role in the climate system. This also helps to better assess future changes and develop strategies that tackle climate change, ensure a sustainable use of the ocean, and protect us against marine natural hazards.


News about Expeditions

View at sunset from the research vessel SONNE

Gaining a better understanding of earthquakes and potential risks

Research expedition SONNE294 investigates precise processes in earthquake-relevant zone off the U.S. West Coast.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Getting a better understanding of the influence of eddies in the ocean

Last of three ship expeditions launched in upwelling area off West Africa


How does light pollution affect mussels around the world?

This year’s GAME experiments focus on important filter feeders along our coasts