[Translate to English:] Das Forschungsschiff METEOR auf dem Weg zurück in den Hafen von Mindelo in der Bucht von Tarrafal (Santo Antao). Foto: Arne Körtzinger/GEOMAR

Back from the Eddy Hunt

After four weeks, the RV METEOR returns to the port of Mindelo

Dr. Florian Weinberger explains the environmental situation of the Baltic Sea and how algae aquaculture can be used to improve marine ecosysstems in poor environmental condition in a cost-effective way. Photo: Sarah Kaehlert/GEOMAR

Algae aquaculture: Chances for coastal regions in Europe and Africa

Workshop in Kiel discussed possible advantages of algae farms for the marine environment

[Translate to English:] FS POSEIDON beim Einlaufen in Kiel. Foto: J. Klimmeck, GEOMAR

Farewell POSEIDON!

After almost 44 years of operation, a workhorse of German marine research is moved out of service


The "air" in the ocean becomes thinner

Oxygen content in seawater continues to decline

Visualization of "Volcano F" based on older bathymetric data. Graphic: Philipp Brandl/GEOMAR

Volcano F is the Origin of the Floating Stones

GEOMAR researchers publish study on pumice raft in the Southwest Pacific

Vice-Rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University, Prof. Dr. Igor B. Sergeyev presents the award to Iason-Zois Gazis. Photo: Raw Material Forum.

Detection of raw materials research by machine learning honoured

Researcher from GEOMAR receives award at a German-Russian conference

Prof. Dr. Karen Wiltshire giving the 31st Marie Tharp Lecture at GEOMAR. Photo: Jan Steffen/GEOMAR

Climate Change and Plankton Communities of the North Sea

31st Marie Tharp Lecture at GEOMAR with Prof. Karen Wiltshire

Project coordinator Dr. Toste Tanhua at the kick-off meeting at RBINS in Brussels. Photo: Michael Chia

EuroSea: Gathering more Knowledge for a sustainable Use of the Ocean

A new EU project funded with 12m Euros will provide new insight into making ocean observation more efficient

Sea ice in the east Greenland current. Photo: J. Grosse, GEOMAR

Life under the ice during the polar night

How microorganisms perform under the Arctic sea ice?

[Translate to English:] Braunalgen and der Ostseeküste. Foto: C. Zenthöfer.

Marine Algae as Resources for the Future

German - Danish Interreg Project FucoSan Presents first Results