Ocean EcoSystems Biology

The Ocean Microbiome includes all microbial entities (bacteria, archaea, eukaryotes, and viruses) found in the ocean. The extremely biodiverse plankton which make up the Ocean Microbiome are highly dynamic, intra-connected, and carry-out important functions from the surface ocean to the seafloor, impacting the productivity of the  ocean ecosystem, elemental cycles, carbon sinks, food webs, and its health of the oceans and all its inhabitants, and those that depend on it. 

In our research unit, we use cutting-edge molecular and (meta-)genomic tools, experimentation, and ecosystem and community modeling to understand the mechanisms, functions, and feedbacks that the Ocean Microbiome has on the global ocean ecosystem and climate. 

Currently, this research is carried out in the Research Groups of Drs. Kristin Bergauer (Microbial Oceanography and Biogeochemistry) and David Needham (Marine Microbial Ecology).

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