Archive 2024

Gruppenbild zur Einweihung des GEOMAR-Neubaus

A lighthouse of international radiance

German Federal Minister of Education and Research Bettina Stark-Watzinger inaugurates the new GEOMAR building

The restoration of seagrass meadows is one of the CDR measures with the lowest technological hurdles. Photo: Jan Dierking, GEOMAR

Carbon dioxide removal: feasibility study evaluates possible measures for Germany

An interdisciplinary research team has developed a clear evaluation matrix

A woman sits at a table and smiles at the camera

International network on epigenetics in fish

Humboldt Fellow Professor Dr Maren Wellenreuther enriches marine ecology research at GEOMAR

A cruise ship is moored on the quay

Cruise Ship as Data Collector

Helmholtz Innovation Platform and HX Hurtigruten Expeditions Try New Approaches in Ocean Observation

A group of people during a field trip

Empowering Ocean Data: Hackathon on São Vicente

MarDATA project week develops digital innovations for Cabo Verde

Round rock on the seabed

EU Funds Doctoral Network from Finland to Italy

GEOMAR contributes to International Research Project on Volcanic Systems

Junge Forscherinnen im Labor mit Probe einer Alge

A new look at the consequences of light pollution

GAME 2024 begins its experiments in eight countries with significant support from the Klaus Tschira Foundation

Dr. Toste Tanhua, Sigrid Keiser, Professor Dr. Arne Körtzinger, Direktorin Professorin Dr. Katja Matthes, Dr. Björn Fiedler, Tobias Hahn. Nicht im Bild: Dr. David Keller, Dr. Ulrike Heine

Broad commitment to sustainable development and cooperation

GEOMAR presented major research projects at the 2024 United Nations Ocean Decade Conference in Barcelona

A large research vessel at sea

Above and Below Water: Understanding Human Impact on the Bay of Bengal

SONNE Expedition SO305 Creates First Comprehensive Dataset on Biogeochemistry

A woman and a man at a trade fair stand smile and sign a document

On the way to a complete seafloor map

GEOMAR and Seabed 2030 sign Memorandum of Understanding in Barcelona