Archive 2021

Life stages of the comb jelly Mnemiopsis leidyi

Invasive comb jelly: success builds on repeated invasion

Whole genome analyses shed light on the role of genetic diversity

Launch of the measuring platform with fuel cell. Photo: Finn K. Flögel.

New efficient and sustainable energy supply on the seafloor

Submarine fuel cell successfully tested

Racing yacht Ambersail-2

The Ocean Race discovers microfibres are rife in Europe’s seas

GEOMAR analyses of samples taken during a Europe-wide regatta show special pollution of the Baltic Sea

Research vessel SONNE at sea.

A grand measuring journey across the Atlantic

SONNE expedition SO287-CONNECT tracks biogeochemical cycles

Aerial of a coastal landscape.

For responsible research on marine carbon dioxide removal

New reports on ocean-based methods with GEOMAR participation

Air bubbles under water

Weaker ocean cir­cu­la­tion led to more car­bon stor­age in the deep sea

New study on oxy­gen levels in deep ocean wa­ters dur­ing the last ice age

 "Humans and animals; hand in hand", Alina (17)

Biodiversity, illustrated in a truly creative way

The winning entries of the international art competition "Wild Postcard Project" have been chosen.

Vigo harbour, Spain

Klaus Tschira Stiftung supports the GAME programme

The new funding enables experiments on the influence of artificial light at night on living creatures on the seabed

Today, 3 December 2021, is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

An appreciative and unprejudiced working environment for all

A statement by the GEOMAR Directors on International Day of Persons with Disabilities