Early Career Support at GEOMAR

The promotion of early career scientists is an integral part of GEOMAR's research activities. As leading research institution in the eminently international field of ocean sciences, GEOMAR is an attractive work place for early career scientist from around the world, who in turn advance GEOMAR's scientific endeavour in all its disciplinary variety. 

In support of early career scientists, GEOMAR focuses on two main target groups: PhD students and Postdocs. For both groups, GEOMAR cooperates closely with Kiel University: many support measures are coordinated under the umbrella of the joint Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean". Besides, early career support at GEOMAR is directly supervised by the director. In his team, early career support is closely interlinked with the reserach funding services, with dedicated staff providing information and support concerning third party funding opportunities, first and foremost to early career scientists. By these means GEOMAR also paves the way to establishing independent Junior Research Groups.

Besides the promotion of early career scientists embedded into the daily scientific work, GEOMAR strongly engages in academic teaching and school programs (information available in German only).